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The Farmer Method: Our Unique Methodology for Running Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our counterintuitive strategy for running Facebook and Instagram ads that allows us to predictably and reliably scale Shopify stores.

This simple methodology allows us to charge drastically less than our competitors, remain profitable, and still get better results than most agencies using outdated, Pre IOS14 strategies.

Facebook & Instagram Ads for Shopify Stores

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We've spent 100's of Thousands discovering winning Social Media Strategies, bought all the courses, watched all the YouTube Videos, made all the mistakes, and paid ALL the experts, so you don't have to.

What People Say About

Growing Pains
Isaac and his team are fantastic. They do awesome work, go above and beyond the scope and have serious integrity. I will continue to refer them business.
Joe Pellegrino
Isaac and the team worked really hard on our FB ads account. Great communication and transparency. Always in the account testing and optimizing, all at an affordable price!
Preston Alder
They've been such a pleasure to work with and professionally, I've learned so much. Super impressed and would highly recommend
Katie Fischer