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Build proven audiences with AI & launch campaigns.

Stiddle uses an AI-database to find your business's ideal audience and automatically creates a series of targeting criteria for your campaign.

With Stiddle there are two ways to create a campaign using audiences

See the differences below.

Auto Camapign
Manual Campaign
Manual Campaign

Manually find interests and demographics to build an audience.

Our machine learning software allows us to find the perfect audience for you without the human error associated with assumptions, automating your targeting based on billions of data points. If you have a specific audience in mind to target, that’s perfectly fine: Stiddle has made manual targeting a breeze with our easy-to-use manual campaign creator.

Manual Campaign

Select detailed targeting criteria or use existing audiences.

Are you a small business trying to attract leads or an e-commerce store trying to sell to the international market? No matter which industry you are in, Stiddle has you covered by giving you suggestions on target audiences.

Manual Campaign

Find the right gender, age, and demographic with detailed targeting.

Choose who you want to display your ads to. We have made manual targeting a breeze with our easy-to-use manual campaign launcher, making Stiddle the ideal choice for both seasoned marketers who wish to find an easier route to creating custom campaigns and new comers who are just beginning to navigate the world of online advertising.

Manual Campaign

Find hidden interests and detailed targeting not available in Facebook.

Tired of the same old interests found in Facebook's detailed targeting? Stiddle has you covered by giving you access to expanded hidden detailed targeting interests that even Facebook doesn’t provide.

Manual Campaign

Find the best placement for your ad with automatic placements.

Decide where your ad should be shown and what platform you want it displayed on. Don’t have a specific placement in mind? Let Stiddle automatically select the best placement for your ad.

AI Auto Campaign

Stiddle finds your audience using our AI-database of 50k+ niche data points.

Eliminate human errors and assumptions by letting Stiddle decide who your ideal audience is, based on your business' niche. From there, Stiddle decides on your campaign’s targeting criteria using our powerful, ever-improving AI-database.

What real customers are saying about Stiddle

"I wasn't sure where to start. When I saw Stiddle, I immediately signed up for their free trial. Since I signed up, I have seen a 5X return on AdSpend 😊 ”

- Jared Paul

CMO, Marketing Agency

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Seamlessly integrate your entire software suite. Connect your scheduler to accept appointments on a Stiddle hosted, high-converting landing page or build custom opt-in forms to generate leads for your business.

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