Channel overlap

to understand which channels convert.

Get a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ conversion journey. Attribute conversions to multiple marketing channels.

Powered by the Stiddle Pixel & first party data.

Channel Overlap will illuminate the synergistic relationship among your marketing channels. Gain insights into how channels collaborate and contribute to conversions, enabling you to maximize your ROI.

See which channels contribute to sales with true overlap.

Gain valuable insights into the percentage of overlap between channels, allowing you to allocate resources effectively for maximum impact.

Quickly see within your campaign manager

Experience the convenience of viewing your channel overlap directly within your campaign manager. Visualize percent of overlap for comprehensive insights and swift decision-making.

Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers

How does Channel Overlap work? What does it do?
Channel Overlap shows you which ad channels help each other contribute to a sale. Channel Overlap is powered by the Stiddle Pixel data, providing you with the most accurate channel overlap analysis.
Is the data that Channel Overlap uses accurate?
Yes, Channel Overlap is powered by Stiddle's Pixel Attribution, providing you with the most accurate data.
Does Channel Overlap work with all of my ad channels? Like Facebook and Google?
Yes, Channel Overlap works with all ad channels integrated with Stiddle. Channel Overlap also works with Organic Tracking, showing you the overlap between paid and organic channels.
Can I use Channel Overlap within the Campaign Manager?
Yes, Channel Overlap can be viewed both in the Campaign Manager, aside each campaigns, ad set, and ad. Overlap can also be viewed using the visual Channel Overlap tool.
How does Channel Overlap help me understand the interplay between organic and paid channels in driving customer engagement and conversions?
Yes, Channel Overlap can show the overlap between paid ads and organic campaigns.
Does Channel Overlap use the Stiddle Pixel?
Yes, the Channel Overlap is powered by the Stiddle Pixel.

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