Custom Audiences

Create and manage custom & saved audiences.

Easily build custom and saved interest audiences to use in your Stiddle prospecting and retargeting campaigns.  

Create Audiences

Build detail targeted and custom audiences to use for prospecting and retargeting in minutes, then easily deploy in new campaigns.

Manage Audiences

View all custom and saved audiences created using Stiddle in one dashboard, quickly deploy to new campaigns, and easily edit criteria.

Effectivness Rating

All audiences are given an effectiveness rating, a rating created using Stiddle's algorithm and used to inform you of audience performance.

Create custom audiences & apply to campaigns with a click.

Build Facebook prospecting and retargeting audiences within Stiddle by selecting one of several audience types to launch within a campaign.

Build and save audiences for future campaigns.

Easily build audiences for prospecting and retargeting, then save them within Stiddle to use in future campaigns.

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Stiddle gives audiences a smart effectiveness ratings.

Stiddle's algorithm monitors the performance of your audiences and asigns an effectiveness rating so you know which audiences are the best to use.

Let Stiddle decide who to target using AI-audiences.

Eliminate human errors and assumptions by letting Stiddle decide who your ideal audience is, based on your business' niche. From there, Stiddle decides on your campaign’s targeting criteria using our powerful, ever-improving AI-database.

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Create audiences from Stiddle landing pages

Easily create audiences based on visitors and actions taken from landing page traffic. Create prospecting look-a-like audiences or deploy retargeting campaigns to show your ads to people who've visited your page previously.

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Create Audiences From

Website Visitor Views
Landing Page Visitors
Facebook Profile Engagment
Instagram Page Engagment
Customer Lists
Shopify Sales Contacts
Newsletter Contact Lists
Video View Length Watched
& many more.

Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers

What is an audience?

An audience is a set of targeting criteria used in an ad campaign to determine who to show your ad to. When building audiences, you can choose the criteria in the form of interests or use custom audiences to display your ad to people who've taken a specific action on your website, or signed-up for a newsletter, etc.

What is the difference between custom and saved audiences?

Saved audiences are a set of targeting demographics, such as location, gender, age, and interests that can be saved to be reused in future campaigns. Custom audiences allow you to display your ad to people who've taken a specific action on your website, purchased a product, or signed-up for a newsletter, etc.

Can I build retargeting audiences for my own website or page not on Stiddle?

Yes! With the Facebook pixel installed on your website, you can build retargeting traffic audiences within your Stiddle account.

Can I build look-a-like audiences within Stiddle?

Look-a-like audiences can be created within Facebook's business manager suite. Stiddle offers the ability to create custom and saved audiences (great for retargeting!), however Stiddle currently does not have the ability to create a look-a-like audience within the app.

What are the most common audiences to use for retargeting?

Retargeting audiences can be created in several way. The most common retargeting audience is the traffic audience. This allows you to build audiences to retarget people that've visited your entire website or a specific page.

Does this require any external setup for me to start building audiences?

No additional setup or custom code is required for you to start creating audiences within Stiddle. The only prerequisite required is to have your Facebook pixel setup within your Facebook business manager.

What others have to say . . .

It has been significantly easier to scale and monitor my campaigns using Stiddle. The ability to setup auto-budget allocation is a must! This feature alone is worth implementing Stiddle into your marketing stack.
Jerry Walter
Co-Founder, Ecommerce Store
Jerry Walter
Co-Founder, Ecommerce Store

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