Simple Retargeting

Reach those who didn’t convert the first time.

Chances are, leads are more likely to turn into customers if they know your brand. Stiddle allows you to advertise to customers whom you’ve already made an impression towards.

Increase Conversions

Increase conversions with retargeting campaigns by showing ads to those who've you've already made an impression towards.

Decrease Conversion Costs

Conversion costs (CPA) generally decreases significantly when enabling retargeting campaigns.

Easy Launch

Launching retargeting campaigns are easy using Stiddle. Simply build a retargeting audience and create a new campaign.

6 in 10

online brands see significant raise in conversions once they start retargeting

Retargeting VS Prospecting: what's the difference?

people who you've already made an impression towards.
Expected result:
Average ROAS:
3x-6x and higher
people who havn't seen your ads before.
Expected result:
Brand Awareness
Average ROAS:
much lower

Create retargeting audiences in minutes.

Build retargeting audiences in minutes within Stiddle's audience builder. Build a retreating audience, then launch the audience within a Stiddle campaign to begin your retargeting.

No need for additional pixels or code.

There is no need to install any third party tracking codes to view your analytics within your Stiddle dashboard. All landing pages created using Stiddle are automatically tracked using Stiddle's tracking pixel.

Build Stiddle landing pages to retarget visitors

Easily create retargeting Facebook audiences within Stiddle. Build audiences based on a specific Stiddle landing page or an action took on the page from an event.

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View performance with campaign analytics

Monitor and analyze your campaign performance to make educated optimization decisions. View over 20+ metrics to gain a better understanding on your campaign and page performance.

Retargeting Methods

Website Visitor Views
Landing Page Visitors
Facebook Profile Engagment
Instagram Page Engagment
Customer Lists
Shopify Sales Contacts
Newsletter Contact Lists
Video View Length Watched
& many more.

Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers

When do I use prospecting vs retargeting campaigns?

Prospecting campaigns are best used to find a new audience and create brand awareness. As retargeting campaigns are best used to make sales and conversions.

What is the most common retargeting audience?

The most common retargeting audience is Traffic. This allows you to retarget website or landing page visitors.

Do I need a Facebook pixel to use Stiddle retargeting?

Yes, you are required to have a Facebook pixel create in order to use Stiddle audiences to create retargeting campaigns. New Facebook pixels can be created within Facebook Events Manager.

Can I retarget leads in my Leads Manager?

Yes, within Stiddle's Lead Manager you can create a retargeting audience.

What others have to say . . .

It has been significantly easier to scale and monitor my campaigns using Stiddle. The ability to setup auto-budget allocation is a must! This feature alone is worth implementing Stiddle into your marketing stack.
Jerry Walter
Co-Founder, Ecommerce Store
Jerry Walter
Co-Founder, Ecommerce Store

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