Custom alerts

sent to you or your client's Slack & Email.

Get customized alerts using your data and receive real-time updates on your Slack and Email to stay on top of your campaigns.

Reports sent from all your channels automatically.

Save time and stay informed about your campaign performance across multiple channels with scheduled reports delivered straight to your inbox.

Keep your team or clients updated regularly.

Set up reports to be sent regularly or trigger them based on specific criteria such as achieving a goal or reaching a specific metric.

Select your delivery, push to a Slack channel or send with email.

Stiddle enables the flexibility to customize how you stay informed about your important data and insights, whether it's via slack or email.

Select the metrics that are most important to you.

Easily access both Stiddle Attributed metrics and standard ad channel metrics, ensuring you have comprehensive and accurate data at your fingertips for effective analysis and decision-making.

Create conditions to trigger reports, then send to Slack or Email.

Once conditions are triggered, reports can be conveniently sent to your desired destinations, including Slack channels or email.

White label reports with your Workspace logo.

Elevate your brand presence and enhance client satisfaction by seamlessly white-labeling your reports with your Workspace logo.

Set a date range and attribution model for each report.

Tailor your reports to your exact requirements by setting a specific date range and attribution model for each report.

Add comparison periods to see the difference in your ad performance.

Compare and contrast performance metrics, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of trends to make data-driven decisions.

View blended metrics to make holistic decisions.

Aggregate and combine metrics from multiple ad channels, such as Blended ROAS or total ad spend, to maximize your campaign impact.

Let us do the heavy lifting. Build custom metrics with no SQL required.

Effortlessly build advanced reports and derive meaningful insights without any technical complexities.

Easily pause and edit your reports for future use.

Maintain control over your reporting process, make updates or modifications as necessary, and ensure reports always reflect the most accurate and relevant information.

Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers

What is the purpose of Smart Reports? Why do I need them?
Smart Reports allow you to automatically send updated reports to your team or clients, without the manual time.
What data can I use in my Smart Reports?
All of your ad and sales channel connector data can be used in Smart Alerts, along with Stiddle Pixel Attributed data.
Can I add my logo or my client's logo to each report?
Yes, you can add your logo or your client's logo to each automated report.
Where can I send the Smart Reports to?
Smart Reports can be sent to email addresses or Slack Channels for convenient updates.
Can I use Smart Reports for my agency clients?
Yes, Smart Reports is a great tool to keep your clients updated without the manual work to create and send reports.
How many Smart Reports can I make?
Stiddle Smart Reports allows you to create an unlimited number of reports.

Why you should use Stiddle

A Single Source of Truth
Stiddle aggregates and attributes all your marketing data in one place.
Analyze & Take Action
Create customized analytics dashboards and build cross-channel audiences to maximize your ROI.
Accurate Data
Stiddle's first-party tracking technology offers up to 40% more accurate data than your ad channels.

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