After connecting Mailchimp with Stiddle, you will be able to automate email sequences to follow up with your leads. This allows you to follow up with your leads by sending them all individual emails directly from your Stiddle lead page. With this integration, you can automatically add a lead to your Mailchimp audience and tag them, when a lead fills out a landing page or schedules an appointment.

A centeral place to manage new leads.

Track all of your leads’ interactions from campaigns and landing pages automatically. Stiddle provides detailed analytics on every single lead and contact within Lead Manager, so now you can prioritize high-interest potential customers.

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Followup with leads directly from their profile with email.

Every lead from your campaign is automatically added into the Stiddle Lead Manager. Follow up, phone, or email, with the click of a button.

Push & segment leads to other apps you use.

Stiddle seamlessly integrates with your preferred email automation or SMPT provider so that you can easily send leads gathered from your campaigns into an automation sequence.

Eric  Owner

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