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A Suite of Advertising Tools

Simple Retargeting

Re-target those who didn’t convert the first time

Quickly create retargeting audiences to use in your Facebook campaigns and show your ads to previous website visitors and customers.

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Landing Pages

Build high converting landing pages in minutes

Brows our template library to build custom landing pages with Stiddle's fully-inclusive drag n' drop editor, allowing you to build a beautiful, high-converting page that converts.

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Forms that convert
Drag ‘n drop elements
Budget Automation

Optimize and scale camapigns using Budget Automations

Facebook ads shouldn’t be costly and time consuming to maximize budget conversions. Stiddle automates and scales your budget by making smart decisions based on performance.

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Analyze your ads and page performance with smart metrics

Monitor and analyze your campaigns and landing pages, so you can make educated decisions when optimizing your campaigns.

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Leads Manager

Monitor & followup with leads and customers

Your contact hub should be saving you time, not wasting your time by being over-complicated. If you can organize contacts on your phone, you already know how to use Lead Manager.

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Eric Owner
Campaign Launcher

Build and Launch Prospect & Retargeting campaigns

Choose who you want to display your ads towards! We have made manual targeting a breeze with our easy-to-use manual campaign creator.

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Build and manage audiences manually or using AI.

Easily build custom and saved interest audiences to use in your Stiddle prospecting and retargeting campaigns.  

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Manage multiple ad accounts, landing pages, & reports.

Need an easier way to manage your agency clients? Stiddle gives you the ability to manage multiple ad accounts, build landing pages, and send reports to clients all in the same account.

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