1st party data marketing attribution for brands & agencies.

One hub to track & scale your ads.

All of your advertising data in one hub with accurate tracking & marketing attribution plus the tools you need to scale online brands using customer data efficiently.

Connect all your ads data to one hub with the tools you need to make actionable decisions.

Stiddle will aggregate and attribute all of your marketing and sales data to give you up to 100% data accuracy, allowing you to visualize and take actions to increase ROI.

One place for all your ads means better decisions, faster.

Streamline your ad operations in real time - make your ad management process seamless and efficient by having Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Snapchat ads in one dashboard!
Stiddle - Connect. Identify. Visualize. Act on your data.

True first-party tracking.
No 3rd party cookies.

Fix IOS 14 tracking & cross-channel attribution issues. Access up to 100% marketing attribution accuracy with our true first-party tracking solution.
Stiddle - Connect. Identify. Visualize. Act on your data.
Stiddle for Brands

Plug into your brand & start to Scale Instantly.

Stop buying blind. Plug Stiddle into your existing e-commerce store, info-product, or SaaS to start tracking accurate data to produce profitable results with your marketing.
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Stiddle for Brands
Stiddle for Marketing Agencies

Tools built for agencies to manage Clients & Growth.

Streamline client management with Stiddle for improved data accuracy, marketing attribution, effortless reporting, and dedicated collaboration.
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Stiddle for Marketing Agencies

The future of data privacy is changing. It’s our priority to protect your data and your customers' privacy.

In a world where data tracking and privacy compliance is ever-changing, it’s our commitment to you to keep your data safe and secure without compromise, while protecting your customers’ privacy. We will always provide cleaner data and up to 100% data accuracy.
Stiddle First-party Tracking
First-party Tracking
Since we do not use any third-party cookies, we track using first-party data.
Stiddle Secure Storage Worldwide
Secure Storage Worldwide
All data is stored in secure servers. Custom storage options are available upon request.
Stiddle Own Your Data
Own Your Data
We are not in the business of selling data. All data processed and stored using Stiddle is 100% owned by you.
Stiddle Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
We enforce a strict Privacy Policy to keep data compliance. To learn more, visit our Data Privacy & Security page.
Stiddle GDPR & CCPA Compliance
GDPR & CCPA Compliance
Stiddle is GDPR and CCPA compliant. That means we follow strict compliance guidlines so your data is safe with us.
Stiddle Zero Compromise
Zero Compromise
Stiddle works with ad-blockers, private browsers, and multi-devices (mobile/desktop), so you’re always tracking in compliance with minimal data restrictions.
Stiddle Pixel

One Pixel. Infinite Data.

Track up to 100% marketing attribution accuracy and automatically create a complete profile of every single visitor’s journey - even before they make a conversion.
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Clicked Facebook Ad
Viewed Product Page
Product Added to Cart
Clicked Google Retargeting Ad
Product Purchased
Clicked Snapchat Retargeting Ad
Stiddle Data Connectors

S2S Connection. 99% Accuracy.

Server-to-server connection between Stiddle and your store, website, or SaaS matches your first-party data with Stiddle data to fill in the gaps in a visitor’s journey.
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Stiddle Connectors

Track each visitor’s journey with up to
100% conversion accuracy.

Your ad is clicked
Unlock deeper insights into every ad click - Stiddle tracks the entire lead journey of every visitor.
Visitor makes a purchase
Stiddle maps the complete journey of each visitor and attributes every conversion back to the responsible ad, giving you a clear picture of their behavior and actions.
Visualize & push data with Stiddle
Maximize ad performance by feeding Stiddle data back to ad channels & your tools or visualize and analyze all your data with intuitive analytics & reporting.
Unique Stiddle profile created for visitor
Conversion Tracked & Data Attributed

Easy to setup and take action

Stiddle provides accurate marketing data without the use of third-party cookies (banned by Google in 2024) and fix issues with IOS14 tracking - giving your the ability to take action and scale.

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Some Other Features

Stiddle Server-to-Server Tracking
Server-to-Server Tracking
Stiddle Post IOS 14 & Google Compatible
Post IOS 14 & Google Compatible
Stiddle Secure Data Storage Worldwide
Secure Data Storage Worldwide
Stiddle Raw & First-Party Data
Raw & First-Party Data
Stiddle No 3rd Party Cookies Used At All
No 3rd Party Cookies Used At All
Stiddle 99% Accurate Campaign Attribution
99% Accurate Campaign Attribution
Stiddle 99% Accurate Cross-Device Tracking
99% Accurate Cross-Device Tracking
Stiddle Compare Platform ROAS to Stiddle ROAS
Compare Platform ROAS to Stiddle ROAS
Stiddle Data Stored for Up To 2 Years
Data Stored for Up To 2 Years
Stiddle Custom Connectors & High Traffic Solutions
Custom Connectors & High Traffic Solutions
Stiddle Pre & Post Purchase Visitor Profiling
Pre & Post Purchase Visitor Profiling
Stiddle Custom Attribution Models & Windows
Custom Attribution Models & Windows
Stiddle Share Live Hosted Dashboards Reports
Share Live Hosted Dashboards Reports
Stiddle Easy Agency Client Management
Easy Agency Client Management
Stiddle Easy Team Specific User Permissions
Easy Team Specific User Permissions

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