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The Problem
Chances Are,
Your Reporting Is Bad
Many changes are happening this year, don't let them impact your online brand's performance.
Google Is Banning
3rd-Party Cookies
Google is phasing out 3rd-party cookies this year on all Chrome browsers - negatively affecting your analytics and customer data.
Every Action Collected
Never miss another customer interaction - keep track of every action a customer makes, using 1-click integrations and the Stiddle Pixel - using only first-party data.
Apple's IOS-17 Privacy Restriction
Apple's IOS-17 privacy restriction prevents cookies, blocks unique identifiers, and restricts IP based tracking. This prevents you from accurately tracking ads and website activities.
1st-party Attribution
Using the first-party data collected from the Stiddle Pixel and integrations, Stiddle is able to provide accurate 1:1 conversion tracking without 3rd-party cookies.
Not Using AI-Attribution Is Costing You Big
While Facebook and Google over-report conversions in their native ad managers, attribution tools always under-report conversions. Stiddle uses AI to find the balance.
Audience Activation
Collecting customer data is useless without action. Don’t let your data sit siloed - Stiddle makes your data actionable, so you can scale.
The Features
Features That Drive Impact
Everything your online store needs to drive revenue with better data.
Dashboard Analytics
Build intuitive dashboards for deep analysis and top level insights.
Custom Metrics
Attributed Data
Graphs & Trends
Funnels & Sales Paths
Template Library
Live sharable links
Ad Attribution
Uncover profitable growth channels with accurate attribution.
Accurately track every marketing & ad campaign
Get accurate conversion KPIs out of the box
Trust your data with conversion transparency
Track 30-40% more conversions
Instant access to several attribution models
Easily setup in minutes
Profile views of every website visitor and customer unified with your data.
Identify who your website visitors & customers are
Understand your customer's journey
Unify customer data into single profiles
Auto-merging and deduplication
Identify key revenue metrics related to each customer
Uncover profitable channels responsible for sales
Stiddle Pixel
Identify new customers and follow your website visitor journey's without 3rd-party cookies.
First-party website tracking
No 3rd-party cookies
Identify customer journeys
Understand your website visitors
Profile anonymous and known website visitors
GDPR & CCPA Compliant
Customer Journeys
Identify your path to greater profitability with customer journey analytics.
Understand the paths customers take to purchase
Identify every interaction a customer takes on your website
Scale campaigns based on customer journeys
Find the path to greater profitability
Build and sync audiences from customer data
Reach your target audience and maximize impact with better customer data.
Segment your customer data into audiences
Build real-time audiences that update automatically
Sync your audiences with ad & marketing platforms
Supercharge retargeting and prospecting campaigns
Export audiences to a CSV with a click
The Impact
Scale With Data Confidence
Start tracking accurate data in minutes and enjoy these benefits along the way
Clear Customer Visibility
Identify your path to greater profitability with customer journey analytics.
Increased Ad Accuracy
Identify 30-40% more conversions using Stiddle's first-party attribution. Scale and save big on advertising campaigns.
Accurate KPIs Out The Box
Get instant access to accurate KPIs like ROAS, revenue, profitability, and much more.
Marketing Attribution
Uncover profitable growth channels with accurate attribution. Get instant access to out of the box attribution models.
Reporting Time Saved
Save time with accurate reporting, build and customize dashboards, and share for easy collaboration.
Unified Customer Data
Understand every customer's journey and unify all customer data into single profiles.
Connect Everything
With One Click
(No coding required)
Use Cases
Data Every Team Member Can Rely On
Stiddle is built for every team - regardless of size.
As a Shopify store owner, Stiddle gives you the insights you need to scale your revenue to the next level. Access marketing, customer, and website analytics within a single customizable dashboard.
As an agency, easily achieve accurate ad attribution for every client's Shopify store. Customize, white-label, and share live dashboard reports, and manage every client's data within a single login.
Track and scale every marketing channel in one place. Gain holistic insights into every customer touchpoint. Build custom reports and share with stake-holders.
Utilize Stiddle's campaign manager to accurately track and attribute every campaign, adset, and ad. Equipping you with the KPIs you need to scale results and cut losses.
“All of your advertising data in one hub with accurate tracking plus the tools you need to scale online brands using customer data efficiently.”
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