Unify all customer data and track every customer's interaction.

Know your website visitors before and after they make a purchase. Understand every customer's journey and unify all customer data into single profiles.
What can I do with profiles?

In short, profiles allow you to . . .

Identify who your website visitors & customers are


Understand your customer's journey


Unify customer data into single profiles


Uncover profitable channels responsible for sales


Identify key revenue metrics related to each customer


What is a profile?

Every unique visitor on your website, anonymous or known,  is continually updated as they interact with your site, such as making purchases or adding items to their cart.
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Understand new visitors with Anonymous Profiles.

Anonymous profiles help you better understand customers even before they provide any identifying information, like a purchase or form submission. Information tracked includes:

Stay in the known with tracked Customer Profiles.

Stiddle attributes and updates these profiles in real-time, providing you with accurate and up-to-date information. Information tracked includes:

All profiles contain first-party data.

All tracking is first-party, meaning you'll never miss a conversion tracked. Stiddle Pixel tracks location, source, page views, sessions, and more for every profile.
Lower CPA
More Conversions
Higher Efficiency
Higher ROAS
More Clicks
Higher AOV
higher data accuracy using Stiddle’s first-party tracking solution.

Understand which campaigns customers buy from.

Stiddle allows you to track and understand which campaigns, ad sets, and ads drive conversions. Viewable in real-time activity or Campaign Manager.
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Dashboard mockup

Live activity timelines for every visitor & customer profile.

See a live timeline of all activity taken by every website visitor. Track the following & more:
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Purchase Source
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Add to carts
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Campaign, Ad Set, Ads
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Page Visits
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Breakdown your sales and ad data by customer profile.

See the number of purchases, add to carts, AOV, CPC, and LTV of each profile when connected to sales channels like Shopify, giving you valuable insights into your customers' behaviors and purchase habits.
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Build & push cross-channel audiences from profiles.

Connect your ad channels and sync your attributed profile data as audiences to reach your ideal customers across multiple platforms in real time.
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Get multi-device and channel attribution with our next gen Stiddle Pixel technology.

Profiles are updated in real-time, regardless of where the visitor or customer takes actions, providing you with a more complete view of their behavior and engagement with your website.

Auto de-duplication and profile merging.

De-duplication allows for seamless integration of customer data that ensures customer profiles are accurate and up-to-date.
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Dashboard mockup

Access raw event activity logs for every profile.

Stiddle for enterprises offers access to raw event activity logs for each profile, allowing for greater data compliance and governance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about profiles? We've got answers.
How does Identity Resolution work?
Stiddle's Identity Resolution works in combination with the Stiddle Pixel, your sales channel integrations (like Shopify), and your ad channel integrations (like Facebook Ads). The Stiddle Pixel build a profile for every unique visitor, then creates a timeline journey of every action the visitor takes until converting into a customer. Every time a new piece of customer data is found, Stiddle adds it to the profile, giving you a complete view of the customer journey.
Does Identity Resolution still work after IOS14/IOS17 and 3rd party cookie changes from Google?
Yes, Stiddle works with both IOS14/IOS17 and 3rd party cookie restrictions. Stiddle uses 100% first party tracking, giving you complete transparency in your tracking.
Does Identity Resolution only work with Shopify? Do I need to have one of the supported Sales Connectors to use?
In order to use Identity Resolution, you'll need to integrate your Sales Connector to Stiddle. This allows Stiddle to attribute visitor profiles to a sale taken on your store or payment provider. You can find a list of the Sales Connectors Stiddle currently integrates with, here.
How does Stiddle ensure the accuracy and reliability of Identity Resolution? How do I know it is working?
As new and existing visitors and customers come to your website, Stiddle keep track of every interaction in each profile. Every time a visitor clicks on an ad campaign or takes an action on your website, it is tracked and reported to Stiddle in real-time. Regardless of the interactions taken, you'll always know what's going on. This entire process is done using entirely first-party, cookie-less technology, giving you confidence with data accuracy.
Do I need the Stiddle Pixel to use Identity Resolution?
Yes, Stiddle's Identity Resolution is powered by the Stiddle Pixel - a first-party tracking pixel that uses no 3rd party cookies. Once the pixel is installed on your website, Stiddle will begin keeping track of your visitors with Identity Resolution.
Does Stiddle track across devices and browsers?
Yes, Stiddle is able to keep track of every visitor and customer across devices and browsers. For example, if one of your visitors clicks an ad on their phone, then later returns to your website on their computer, Stiddle will know who it is and record it in their profile.