Campaign Manager

One campaign manager to
replace them all.

Manage all of your ad campaigns with accurate conversion tracking and attribution from Google, Facebook and others within one side-by-side campaign manager.
What can I do with Campaign Manager?

In short, Campaign Manager allow you to . . .

Manage all ad channels in a single campaign manager


Access accurate attribution data to make scalable campaign decisions


Uncover which customers purchased as a result of a specific ad campaign


Uncover profitable channels responsible for sales


Identify key revenue metrics related to every ad campaign - like accurate ROAS & Revenue


All of your ad channels in one manager

Manage all of your ad channels in one page, quickly analyze performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize campaigns.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Stop buying blind. Compare channel data to Stiddle data.

Easily see a side-by-side comparison of important metrics like ROAS and purchases to gain a better understanding of your ad performance.

Understand exactly who purchased what, and from which campaign.

Never doubt your data again, easily see a list of all customers who've purchased from a specific campaign.
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Easily toggle on/off campaigns, ad sets, & ads

Efficiently manage campaigns and make quick adjustments without wasting time navigating through tabs and menus.

Quickly open your ad channel's native editor with a click

Stiddle lets you access campaigns with a single click and puts a stop to the endless open tabs for all your different ad managers.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Stiddle Pixel

Powered by Stiddle Pixel attribution for the most accurate reports.

Get accurate insights from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other ad channels with up to 100% attribution accuracy.

No more IOS 14 or IOS 17 tracking issues. Never miss another conversion.

Stiddle's pixel uses 1:1 conversion accuracy, eliminating the need for 3rd party cookies and ensuring your data is accurate and reliable.

Endless options - attribution, dates, filters & more.

Customize your campaign manager table view by selecting your preferred attribution type, such as first click, last click, etc. Filter by date range, ad channel, objective, conversion type, and more.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Compare dates and periods for easy decision making.

Easily identify trends by comparing date ranges and past periods to make data-driven decisions. View the percentage and number changes between each range and filter your data to view specific insights.

Attribution models and windows for every use case.

Attribution data can be stored for up to 37 months, ensuring that even if a customer clicks an ad today but doesn't make a purchase until years later, the conversion can still be accurately attributed to the original ad.

Endless Features


Edit budgets with a click in Stiddle.


Easily identify your net profit, calculated automatically.


Drag n’ drop columns to customize your view


Set your break even ROAS with clear indicators.


All of your data synced in real time.


Understand the true overlap between channels


Share reports from any campaign with a click


Configure your campaign manager with all your data


A designated Workspace for every client or business.

Create a designated Workspace for every brand or agency client. Easily add team members to each Workspace, allowing for true collaboration.

Collaborate with your team or clients in real-time.

Easily share access with your team and clients by adding Space Members. You can grant them access to specific Workspaces and limit access to select Stiddle features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Campaign Manager? We've got answers.
How accurate is the campaign data using Stiddle's Campaign Manager?
Using Stiddle's Pixel Attribution, Stiddle is able to track with up to 40% higher accuracy than your native ad platforms (like Facebook Ads). Currently, native ad platforms track about 60% of all conversions. Stiddle bridges this attribution tracking gap.
Does Campaign Manager fix IOS14/IOS17 and 3rd party cookie changes from Google?
Yes, Stiddle works with both IOS14/IOS17 and 3rd party cookie restrictions. Stiddle uses 100% first party tracking, giving you complete transparency in your tracking.
Can I edit and launch new campaigns using Stiddle?
Stiddle is not a campaign launching tool, however Stiddle does give you the ability to quickly open the campaign, ad set, and ad you want to edit within the ad channel's native Ads Manager.
Do I need to use the Stiddle Pixel in order to use the Campaign Manager?
Simply put, no - you do not need to use the Stiddle Pixel to use the Campaign Manager. However, without using the Stiddle Pixel you will not achieve accurate attribution data, and only have access to the standard campaign data reported by your ad channels (like Facebook and Google Ads).
Is all of my campaign data synced in real-time?
Yes, Stiddle syncs all of you connected ad channel integrations in real-time. So you are always looking at the most up to date campaign insights within the Campaign Manager.
How do I know that the data in the Campaign Manager is accurate (like ROAS & purchases)?
If you are unsure of the accuracy of your campaigns, you can easily click to see a full list of all the customers that purchased from that campaign - giving you the confidence you need in your data's accuracy.