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Scale client ROAS with accurate reporting and ad attribution.

Enhance client return on ad spend (ROAS), achieve data accuracy for reliable reporting, and optimize marketing decisions with Stiddle insights.
Client Organization & Collaboration
Streamline your client management.
Automated White labeled Reporting
Impress clients with professional real-time reports.
Single Source of Data Accuracy Truth
Centralize accurate data for client campaigns, ensure consistent and reliable insights.

Stiddle helps agencies scale smarter and faster 🚀⚡

One place for all your client’s ads means better decisions, faster.

Expedite decision-making with a unified view and optimize campaign strategies for your clients.

Accurate tracking for every client. Never miss another conversion.

Capture all conversions with precision and minimize data loss while maximizing conversion insights for all your clients.

Manage all your client’s within a single Stiddle account.

Centralize client management in a single account, streamline workflow for multiple clients.

White label and share analytic dashboards with every client.

Customize analytic dashboards, share campaign insights with clients through branded dashboards and real-time reporting.

Invite your clients and team for true collaboration.

Engage clients in the campaign management process and foster seamless team and client collaboration.

One campaign manager to replace all ads managers.

Consolidate all your campaign efforts, simplify ad management with a unified platform, and replace multiple ads managers.

Sit back & relax with automated reporting.

Automate reporting processes for effortless management, set up alerts for smart reporting in Email, Slack, etc.

Pricing and billing per client. Only pay for what each client needs.

Provide tailor-made solutions for individual client needs and adopt a cost-effective approach to client billing.

Why modern agencies ❤️ Stiddle

With Stiddle
Accurate ROAS, fix IOS14 tracking issues
A single source of data and customer truth
Be confident in your ad data, know exactly who purchased what from which ad
Automate and white label  reporting for every client
Manage all your ad channels in a single ads manager
Clean, transformed, and organized data for every client
Without Stiddle
Inaccurate ad data, not sure what to scale and what to cut losses on
Time wasted with manual reporting
Not sure which marketing channels are contributing to sales
Don't know who your customers are
Endless tabs to manage campaigns in different ads manager
Unorganized and loss of client data

A single hub to manage all your client’s marketing data.

Aggregate & attribute all of your marketing data together.
Understand a complete view of each visitor & customer.
Build & share reports to visualize accurate marketing data.
Build live audiences and take action with actionable insights.

Grow or don’t pay.
Track & scale today!

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