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Our Story

In 2018, our founders ran a digital marketing agency where they helped hundreds of brands with media buying, they quickly realized that managing multiple software tools to track their clients' advertising and sales data was like trying to solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded. It was a complicated mess that left them feeling like they were playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. They knew there had to be an easier solution.

Then, in 2020, the IOS14 restrictions hit, and marketers went nutz (not the good kind). They were left scratching their heads and asking themselves, "Which ad got a sale? I don’t know which to scale?" Our founders saw an opportunity to create a solution to fix bad marketing data, which hindered businesses from making informed decisions about their campaigns.

And thus, Stiddle was born - a marketing data attribution software that brings all your data together in one place with the most accurate data. With Stiddle, businesses can finally say goodbye to the Rubik's cube of marketing data and hello to a streamlined, stress-free marketing experience. No more playing whack-a-mole with multiple software tools, and no more going nutz trying to figure out which ad channels are contributing to sales.

We do things different


We are located in San Francisco, California with remote teams all over the globe.


Star Reviews
We have a 5-star review rating and focus on customer success and satisfaction.


Savings rate
Save 30% in ad spend by using Stiddle’s attribution technology.


Team Members
Our team is lean and mean. Built up of developers, designers & marketers.

Our Guarantee

Don’t see results from the data or ads from Stiddle within your first month? We’ll give you 100% refund guarantee, no questions asked.

Our Journey

We are here to help all DTC & B2B brands no matter the industry, size, or stature; we always provide the best data solutions.

Our Promise

We take pride in our customer success team. Our live team is only a call or message away.

Our Mission

To solve the gap of bad marketing analytics tracking while giving businesses accurate insights to make better marketing decisions.

Our Vision

A data analytics machine that helps marketing teams and brands make more accurate decisions to scale results.
Trusted by the most innovative startups & official licensed stores of legendary brands.
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We’re driven by our values

Customer Obsessed
Our customer obsession is reflected in everything we do, from product development to customer support.
Resourceful & Actionable
We take a resourceful and actionable approach to problem-solving, always seeking creative solutions and taking decisive action.
Transparency & Trust
We prioritize transparency and trust in all of our interactions with customers, employees, and partners.
Fast-Paced, Detail-Oriented
Our commitment to being fast-paced and detail-oriented allows us to efficiently deliver high-quality products.
Have Fun Building
We believe that having fun while building allows us to be more creative, engaged, and productive.

The Team

James Bender

CEO, Co-Founder

Charis Zhang

CTO, Co-Founder

Abhishek Kumar

Head of Engineering

Danny Chang

Data Analyst

Prateek Shrivastava

Head of Organic Growth

Matthew Milford

Advisor, Founder @ Foresight

Tim Towle

Advisor, Founder @ ReviewPro