First-party Attribution

Uncover profitable growth channels with accurate attribution.

Identify 30-40% more conversion data with Stiddle's first-party attribution. Scale and save big on advertising campaigns.
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What can I do with Attribution?

In short, Attribution allows you to . . .

Identify profitable channels, campaigns, ad sets (or groups), and ads


Get accurate conversion KPIs out of the box


Track every conversion back to the ad responsible


Achieve 30-40% more accurate data, while saving big in ad spend


Easily setup in minutes

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First-party data for a cookie-less future.

Stiddle's first party pixel uses 1:1 conversion accuracy, eliminating the need for 3rd party cookies and ensuring reliable, accurate data.

The most robust and accurate conversion tracking.

Keep track of every interaction, from page views to conversions, ensuring you have a clear understanding of visitor behavior and engagement throughout their journey.
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Supercharge ads with KPIs calculated automatically, like ROAS & CPA.

Get a clear view of all your marketing data, including attributed metrics, then track performance in real-time to make informed decisions.

True clarity and transparency. Never question your conversion data again.

Stiddle's first-party server-side tracking ensures that you capture every conversion without relying on cookies, providing you with more reliable data to optimize your ad campaigns.
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Adjust attribution models for custom reporting.

Tailor your attribution to suit your objective with Stiddle. Accurately measure impact across different points in the customer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Attribution? We've got answers.
How do Audiences work?
Audiences are built using customer data gathered from Identity Resolution. When you build an audience and add people into it, you can sync it in real-time with your ad channels. This is great for prospecting and re targeting campaigns.
What integration connectors can I use with Audiences?
You can connect Stiddle to your ad channel connects to sync with. Find a list of all Stiddle's connector integrations here.
Are audiences synced in real-time with my ad channels?
Yes, all Stiddle Audiences have the option to sync in real-time - so as new people meet the audience criteria, they'll automatically be added to the audience.
Does Stiddle provide it's own data for my audiences or do I need to use my own?
Stiddle Audiences are powered by your customer data. You can segment and build audiences to sync with your ad channels in real-time. Stiddle does not provide audience data, other than the data Stiddle collects from the Stiddle Pixel and Identity Resolution.
What is the difference between Stiddle Audiences and standard ad audiences (like Facebook)?
Stiddle Audiences use customer data and first-party data collected from the Stiddle Pixel and Identity Resolution to build audiences in real-time. Native ad channels use 3rd party data that is inaccurate and customer data that needs to be synced manually.
How many Audiences can I create?
You can created and sync unlimited audiences from Stiddle.