Connect your data to one hub.

No code setup. Gain an accurate view of your ad performance by easily connecting and managing all your sales, ad, and marketing data in one centralized hub.
Connect to Track
Connect your data for up to 100% attribution accuracy using 1st party tracking.
Connect to Identify
Identify and understand a complete journey of every customer and website visitor in a single profile.
Connect to Act
Build live cross-channel audiences using the data connected to Stiddle to scale your ads.

Connect your

Sales Data.

Stiddle connects sales data, attributing anonymous visitor profiles to known customers, providing insights on the customer journey and marketing effectiveness.
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Connect your

Ads Data.

Connect ad channels to Stiddle for instant access to accurate campaign metrics, campaign management and custom analytics dashboards, with ad data connectors attributing sales to responsible ads via Stiddle Pixel Attribution.
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Power Stiddle tools with the same data, in the same place.

Effortlessly gather all your ad channel data with one metric selector using our true first-party tracking solution, providing you with up to 100% attribution accuracy and first-rate insights.

Build cross-channel audiences from your data connectors.

With Stiddle's data connectors, you can easily build cross-channel audiences from your sales and ad data.

Feed Ads AI with conversion API (CAPI)

Easily send your data back to Facebook and other ad channels to improve their algorithms and make better ad decisions.

Collect new & existing data - every touch point.

Create complete visitor and customer profiles, which allows you to establish a single source of truth with a comprehensive view of each customer's journey.

Push all of your profile data to other tools.

Easily export or sync your profile data to other data warehouses, marketing, BI, or analytics tools. Utilize your attributed Stiddle data to streamline your data management process.

The future of data privacy is changing. It’s our priority to protect your data and your customers' privacy.

In a world where data tracking and privacy compliance is ever-changing, it’s our commitment to you to keep your data safe and secure without compromise, while protecting your customers’ privacy. We will always provide cleaner data and up to 100% data accuracy.
First-party Tracking
Since we do not use any third-party cookies, we track using first-party data.
Secure Storage Worldwide
All data is stored in secure servers. Custom storage options are available upon request.
Own Your Data
We are not in the business of selling data. All data processed and stored using Stiddle is 100% owned by you.
Privacy Policy
We enforce a strict Privacy Policy to keep data compliance. To learn more, visit our Data Privacy & Security page.
GDPR & CCPA Compliance
Stiddle is GDPR and CCPA compliant. That means we follow strict compliance guidlines so your data is safe with us.
Zero Compromise
Stiddle works with ad-blockers, private browsers, and multi-devices (mobile/desktop), so you’re always tracking in compliance with minimal data restrictions.
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Why you should use Stiddle

A Single Source of Truth
Stiddle aggregates and attributes all your marketing data in one place.
Analyze & Take Action
Create customized analytics dashboards and build cross-channel audiences to maximize your ROI.
Accurate Data
Stiddle's first-party tracking technology offers up to 40% more accurate data than your ad channels.

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