Better customer data solutions for high traffic brands.

Enterprise marketing attribution to enhance return on ad spend (ROAS), achieve data accuracy for reliable reporting, and optimize campaign performance with accurate insights.
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Stiddle helps enterprises and large brands scale smarter and faster 🚀

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Seamless scalability for high traffic sites and large amounts of data.

Stiddle is engineered with enterprise-Level demands in mind. Experience effortless scaling for high-traffic websites, regardless of your data volumes.

Custom solutions and connectors to plug Stiddle into your tech stack.

We work with you to engineer taylor-made solutions to fit your enterprise and expand Stiddle's capabilities with custom connectors.
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Access raw event activity logs for every profile.

Gain granular visibility into user activity with access to raw event logs for every profile. Stiddle enables detailed tracking and analysis of interactions for actionable insights.

Push and pull customer data from Stiddle using the API.

Effortlessly integrate Stiddle's API to push and pull customer data, enabling seamless data exchange and streamlining data management between your solutions and Stiddle.
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Discounts for large data volumes and high traffic websites.

Unlock savings and discounted pricing specifically designed for enterprises managing large data volumes and high traffic websites, ensuring budget-friendly options tailored to your needs.