Visualize your data

Easily build custom reports, share live analytics dashboards, and manage campaigns from multiple ad channels in a single Campaign Manager.
1st Party Attribution
Up to 100% attribution accuracy with our true first-party tracking solution.
Accurate Conversions
Every conversion is tracked with accuracy, then attributed to profiles.
Tools to Collaborate
Visualize your data and share access with your team or agency clients.

One campaign manager to manage all ad channels.

See all of your accurate campaign data from Google, TikTok, Facebook and others within one side-by-side campaign manager.

One place for all your ads means better decisions, faster.

Streamline your ad operations in real time - make your ad management process seamless and efficient by viewing all your ads in one dashboard!

One metric selector. All your ad channel data.

Effortlessly gather all your ad channel data with one metric selector using our true first-party tracking solution.

Analytics dashboards with live sharable links.

Create customized and shareable real-time analytics dashboards that can be shared with live links to stakeholders.

Understand the true channel overlap.

Uncover the true overlap between your marketing efforts and optimize your strategy to scale.

Understand which ad creatives to scale.

Discover which ad creatives drive the most results. Scale your ad campaigns with data.

Sit back & relax with smart reporting alerts.

Receive automatic updates on campaign performance and keep track of important changes without having to lift a finger.

Take action with segments and filters.

Quickly create segments based on specific criteria, export, build, or sync them with your other marketing tools and build audiences.

Why you should use Stiddle

A Single Source of Truth
Stiddle aggregates and attributes all your marketing data in one place.
Analyze & Take Action
Create customized analytics dashboards and build cross-channel audiences to maximize your ROI.
Accurate Data
Stiddle's first-party tracking technology offers up to 40% more accurate data than your ad channels.

Grow or don’t pay.
Track & scale today!

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