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Search Engine Marketing Agency founded by Ecommerce Operators.

Paid Search and SEO are like a pair of rollerskates. Sure, you could imagine a convoluted situation where you could still use just one, but in order to really see their value, you need to be using both skates in combination.

Whether you need a partner to drive one or both of these channels will depend on the talent and experience you already have on your team, and so we offer the services individually. This also allows clients to focus on one pillar of their business at a time, in some cases.

Regardless of whether you’re self-sufficient, or considering working with StatBid, be sure both Paid Search and SEO have prominent places in your demand capture strategy.

Efficiency-First Optimization

Our combined decades of eCommerce experience, earned building IR 500 businesses, means that we understand exactly the challenges and fears that haunt Retailers and DtC brands.  By specializing only on Ecommerce clients, we’re able to engineer strategies that treat your every dollar as precious.  We focus on building marketing flywheels, rather than solving every problem with ever-increasing budgets.

Further, we prefer to work toward consistent growth, rather than explosive growth.  Some can build incredible businesses on top of piles of burning cash, but we prefer a slower road, building something efficient and lasting.   That means we’re not the right fit for everyone, but we’re proud of the work we do.

What People Say About

Roy is witty, intelligent, refreshingly honest and fun to work with. I am confident he will add value for many businesses to come and count it a privilege to be both early contributor and ongoing client of Statbid.
Nathan Decker
Director of E-commerce at
Whether your organization is just starting out or running a full-fledged SEM program, Roy’s insights and services will add value to businesses of any size. I encourage anyone in the digital space to reach out!
Alisha Hemmingson Runckel
Digital Marketing Manager at Hanna Andersson
Roy gave an in depth audit that was more robust than any vendor I’d previously worked with. I was able to hand the StatBid audit right to my SEM team and see instant results.
Rob Brockett
Senior Marketing Manager at Guitar Center