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Driving Results With Data-Driven Creative & Performance Marketing Powered By THE DREAM™

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Finding Ad Creative that converts efficiently & effectively does not happen overnight - It takes persistence, dedication & constant iteration.

Our proprietary THE DREAM™ process has proven success over and over again in finding high converting content in every ad account we work with. This is a non-negotiable if you want to build your ad accounts to be scalable & high performing

We Specialize in:

Digital Marketing

Turbocharged Performance Marketing Powered By THE DREAM

The Direct Response & Engagement Attribution Model

Our expert media buyers build advanced campaigns and use a data-driven approach to ad creative iteration & audience selection to drive exponential growth across Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & More.

Ad Creation & UGC

Creative will make or break the performance of your ad accounts, this is where we shine.

Data-Driven Ad Creation

Massive UGC Resources

Industry Leading Video Editors

eCommerce Coaching

Let our team of industry leading experts coach you and your team into insane profits.

No external agency knows your business better that you do. That is why our team of expert eCommerce coaches will train you on the latest strategies to attract, convert, operate & scale your business every month with a laser focus on profit.

The Zebra3 Coaching Framework will train you in the key modern eCommerce marketing principles & hep you to build a solid foundation to confidently and profitably scale your ad budgets.

What People Say About

Working with Zebra3 has completely transformed my business, I have learnt so much about performance marketing and I've been able to grow the business massively in only 5 weeks. Insane.
eCommerce Specialty Coffee
Head of Paid Media
I confidently increased by ad budgets 10x in the first month!
Blackstone Road
Chief Executive Officer