Facebook Ad Optimization: 5 Tips to Optimize for Conversion

Having trouble with ad optimization? Are your Facebook and Instagram advertisements having issues converting? Take a look at Stiddle's 5 tips to improve...


If you're a new business, Facebook and Instagram are where to go to start ad optimization to reach your target audience. In this age of technology and social media, Facebook and Instagram advertising is a MUST for any new business trying to find its audience. Luckily, Facebook’s advertising tools are easy to use and allow businesses to optimize their advertising potential. Facebook’s advertising tools allow businesses to reach their target audience and get proven results.

All businesses have to do is figure out their objective and target audience and test their ideas. Next, Facebook will be able to optimize the likes, shares, and schedules for the ads. Another great tool that Facebook offers is geo-targeting, which allows businesses to segment their target market so that they can optimize their results. With all that said, here are FIVE PROVEN TIPS to optimize your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Getting Started with Ad Optimization

Before getting started with ad optimization, make sure you have Facebook Pixel downloaded. This is where all the Facebook ad tools are located. The Facebook pixel also tracks who comes to your website and it is essential in optimizing your ad campaign.

Choose the right objective and target audience

First thing’s first, you must choose the right object and know your target audience. The first thing that you are asked to do when creating an ad campaign on Facebook, is to choose your objective. Ask yourself, what is your ultimate goal for this ad campaign? What are you trying to achieve? How does a business know what is the right objective? Well, if you are trying to get new customers you are going to want to select an objective under conversion. If you are trying to build your brand and get more awareness for your brand, you are going to want to select brand awareness.

In the above screenshot, you can see the various different objectives you can select, ranging from local awareness to store visits. Make sure to select the right objective for your goal, because this will influence other elements of your ad campaign, including your auto-optimization and ad schedule.

 BLOG 5 Tips for Ad Optimization on Facebook and Instagram - Stiddle

Find your target audience

In order to find the right objective, you must also know your target audience and who you are trying to reach. If you know your audience, all you have to do is put in the information in your audience. You can also create a “Custom Audience” in order to reach existing audiences or customers who have already interacted with your ads. Just select “create a custom audience” and you can organize the customers who have interacted with your ads. For example, you can organize which customers have watched your videos or which customers have been to your page.

If you don’t know who your target audience or customers are, you can find that out by going to Audience Insights. Audience Insights is a brilliant tool where Facebook can find out who exactly your audience is and should be. Also, you can create an Audience Lookalike to target a new audience that is similar to your existing customers.

 BLOG 5 Tips for Ad Optimization on Facebook and Instagram - Stiddle

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Optimize Likes and Shares

When creating an ad optimization campaign on Facebook, it is imperative to have lots of likes and shares. Likes and shares are essential in your ad campaign because it is PROOF that customers are engaging with your brand and sharing it. It allows YOU as a business to get valuable feedback from your audience whether or not they like what you are offering.

In order to optimize likes and shares, you should select “Use existing post” instead of “Create New ad.” The “Use existing post” is essential to a successful ad campaign because it puts all likes and shares under one ad post. This makes it seem like there are many likes and shares, which is true because it all likes and shares combined for that ad campaign.

 BLOG 5 Tips for Ad Optimization on Facebook and Instagram - Stiddle

Auto Optimization

The Facebook Ads Manager allows for auto-optimization, so Facebook can automatically optimize your ad campaigns. All you have to do is set it up by going to the Facebook Ads Manager, select which ad campaigns you want to be automated, click edit, and then click create a rule.

When creating your automated rule, you can apply it to however ads you want and customize how you want your ad to be automated. The opportunities are endless with auto-optimization. You will get an email notification with results from the auto-optimization rule every 24 hours.


The 5th tip for optimizing your ad campaigns on Facebook is geo-targeting. The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can target your audience based on location. This is great for businesses that are brick and mortar and have a real location because you can target an audience within a certain radius from your location. You can geo-target based on state, city, country, or radius.

How do you use geo-targeting? When creating a new ad, you can set the geographic area under the location tab. Whether it be a whole country or just a radius, you can customize the customers you want to target based on their location.

In addition to geo-targeting, you can target based on demographics or behavior within a geographic area.

 BLOG 5 Tips for Ad Optimization on Facebook and Instagram - Stiddle


Given these 5 tips, there are a few problems you should look out for when optimizing your ad campaign on Facebook. At the end of the day, Facebook is a social media platform. With that said, not everyone on there is going to be looking for products. Given this, you must make your ad stand out and be interesting to catch the eye of whoever is scrolling through Facebook.

Some people fail with Facebook advertising because their ads don’t stand out. You also must know your target audience. There are 2.8 BILLION Facebook users and counting. You have to know who you are targeting because you can’t possibly target 2.8 BILLION people. Narrow your audience down, and make sure to go after them.

Overall, Facebook is the place to be for a business trying to optimize its ad campaigns and get real results. Follow these steps, and make sure to get creative with your ads.

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