How to Find the Best Social Media Advertising


Introduction - Finding The Best Social Media Advertising Platforms

Social media platforms are now a common ground for advertisers to run their ad campaigns. A study found that the online ad revenue for 2019 hit almost $125 billion, signifying the increased growth within social media advertising.

Are you trying to find a way to expand your ads within the media realm and aren't sure which platform or strategies are best for your business? Well, you have come to the right place this post, brought to you by Stiddle, will outline what you can do to obtain success from social media advertising.

What is Social Advertising?

It is important to fully understand what pertains to social advertising when first diving into its use. Social advertising is defined as the process of creating and deploying clickable ads to reach target audiences through social media platforms, messaging apps, news feeds, and even outside apps and websites.

Many advertisers today prefer conducting their ads through social media since it drives greater engagement from viewers in comparison to traditional methods.

Furthermore, with social media ads, a business can directly target those that are likely interested in their product/service through digital segmentation.

Campaign Goal:

Your advertising team must define your objectives for conducting your ad campaigns. No matter the situation you are in, without knowing your end goal then how will you know what you're working towards? Ask yourself what you want to see as a result of your time and effort spent building and placing out your ads.

For example, if your goal is to increase your brand name, then you would work to grow your ad impressions, etc. While if your goal was to increase your sales, then your objective would be to boost your conversion ratings.

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Target Audience:

Pinpointing where your intended viewers are located is a major determinant in finding the best social media advertising platform for your business.

For example, if a social ad-team invested in advertisements on Twitter and didn't see their planned results from that investment: chances are that they didn't do their research and analysis of where their prospective customers were plugged in. Meaning, that defining your target audience is critical prior to conducting your social media ads.

For assistance, it would be in your benefit to use professional tools such as those we provide at Stiddle that were created to help businesses like yourself get into social advertising. Once you sign up, we do all your ad work for you by generating high performing campaigns and sales funnels. If you are interested in a FREE TRIAL from Stiddle, Click Here.


When establishing the creation of successful social media ads, a tactic that many advertisers use is to analyze competitors.

Since your competitors are in the same market as your products/services examination of which social strategies worked and didn't perform for them can assist in the formulation of your own ad decisions. This strategy has set many ahead of their competition.

Ad Intentions:

Each social media platform offers a variety of ways to advertise; therefore, establishing which factors are important for your own ad-game is imperative.

Editorial Content:

If your business is working on establishing your brand credibility and is trying to reach a more professional viewer base, then LinkedIn is a highly useful platform for your team to use.

In fact, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn and is a highly known platform; therefore, LinkedIn is essential if your objective is to reach a B2B crowd.

Image-Based Ads:

If your team identifies that you are looking for a platform that is centered around the distribution of image-based content you may want to consider Facebook or Instagram which have a high ranking for this ad form.

Instagram and Facebook both offer multiple ways to provide image-oriented content to viewers through different measures. For instance, they provide advertisers the option of single image ads to consumers which consists of one ad image.

Another popular option is the use of Carousel ads that combine up to 10 images in one advertisement that appear for viewers to go through. Carousel ads can also be used to save your ad costs by combining several ads into one; therefore, it is cost-effective.

Video-Based Ads:

If you are trying to focus more on video-based content for your business, you should consider YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

YouTube is very popular for driving engagement since it is the second largest search engine with more than 60 billion hours worth of video views per month. If you are purely looking to utilize one platform for your business's distribution of video ads YouTube is likely your best ally.

Furthermore, within recent years Facebook and Instagram wanted to also include video ads and are increasing many ad sales as a result.

Infographic Ads:

Infographics combine your written content with visual aids to provide viewers with an easy way to grasp the information that you are trying to distribute. Many advertisers use infographics to display statistical information for consumers which t is appealing to the human eye.

If you are looking to focus on this form of content, some top social media platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


You may be wondering which social media platforms fit your ad budget. Below we will break down the average cost depending on which social platform you are looking into:

  • Facebook: Average CPC is $0.27
  • Instagram: Average CPC is between $$0.50-$2.00
  • Pinterest: Average CPC is $0.10
  • YouTube: Average CPM is $2,000
  • LinkedIn: Depends on the select campaign type one chooses from
  • Snapchat: Have a minimum daily spending of $5


It is crucial to take into account all the separate factors in social advertising such as your budget, ad priorities, where your target audience is located, etc. when determining which social media platform/s and strategies will work best for you.

Stiddle - aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected marketing experts.

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