Vimeo vs. YouTube: Which is Better for Video Marketing?


Introduction - Video Marketing

Promotional videos have a history of increasing sales; therefore, it is beneficial to implement some form of video marketing for your businesses. Furthermore, when it comes to video marketing, the two most popular platforms are Vimeo and YouTube.

Although Vimeo and YouTube have some similar features, there are still plenty of aspects that are different between the two platforms.

So, you’re probably wondering which one is better for your business to provide you the best results, right?

This post, brought to you by Stiddle, will outline the different components of both Vimeo and YouTube to determine which matches your business’s goals.

What is Youtube?

YouTube is a video-sharing website created in 2005 and is one of the most popular websites used today, with users watching approximately 6 billion hours of video each month. In fact, every minute there are roughly 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube.

You can find any type of video you want on YouTube from babies dancing, to math tutorials from experts.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video-sharing website that was launched in 2004 by filmmakers to create a way of sharing creative content to the Web.

Unlike YouTube, which is designated to be used by any content creator, such as casual bloggers, Vimeo is aimed for those who make posts such as showing off their video gaming skills or tech videos.

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Audience Size:

When comparing statistics of users who use Vimeo vs. YouTube, YouTube definitely takes the lead. YouTube has 2+ billion users, meaning almost one-third of internet users utilize YouTube; while, Vimeo has roughly 240 million monthly viewers.

Therefore, if your target goal is to purely reach a higher audience- YouTube gets this point.

Marketing Pre-Roll ads:

While YouTube does display advertisements prior to the start of their videos, Vimeo does not. This can be seen as either a benefit or a disadvantage based on what your business wants to accomplish.

Although ad placement on YouTube comes at a cost, if you want to further grow your audience, the price will be worth it by creating more exposure for you.Therefore, if you are interested in furthering your ads, YouTube gets an additional point.

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However, if your priority is to provide ad-free videos to your users, Vimeo gets this point.

Storage Space

YouTube allows users to upload an unlimited amount of videos for free; while, Vimeo has subscriber packages where you have to pay a membership fee for storage space on their site.

Therefore, when taking into account storage policies- YouTube gets another point.


When comparing the customizable settings for Vimeo vs. Youtube, it is evident that Vimeo provides a wider selection of features.

Although YouTube does provide customization as well, it is more limited in comparison to the advanced customization of tools through Vimeo.

Therefore, if personalization is a major factor in your decision-making process- Vimeo gets an additional point.


An important strategy in marketing is to keep track of analytics to see what content that you are placing out for users is receiving the most views.

YouTube provides creators the ability to utilize their analytics tools to measure your channel’s progress. Similarly, Vimeo offers users analytics to keep track of their advanced stats; however, Vimeo clients are required to pay an additional fee to utilize this feature while YouTube is free.

Therefore, YouTube gets another point for the analytics they provide at no additional cost.

Total Cost

As a whole, when comparing the overall price between the utilization of YouTube or Vimeo, clearly YouTube is the most cost-efficient .

YouTube allows both creators and subscribers to post for free while Vimeo requires a paid package.

So, Vimeo or YouTube?

Ultimately, the decision lies in your own hands.

Vimeo and YouTube both offer important features; therefore, it is important you analyze which ones are important to you.

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