What Content Marketing Can Do for Your Small or Local Business


Introduction - Content Marketing

Content marketing is a necessity, especially for a small or local business.

What is content marketing?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” -Content Marketing Institute

This post, brought to you by Stiddle, will outline why your small or local business should utilize content marketing and strategies you can use to grow your brand name and revenue.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Audience Retention

One of the most important outcomes of using content marketing is increasing your audience retention rate. Think about it...the growth in the submission of new content keeps your viewers on their toes and interested in what is to come next.

Content marketing compels your customers to keep visiting your site and in return strengthens a positive brand impression for your business.

Formulates Relationships

The expansion in your content marketing creates a way for you to establish trust with your customers and gain higher credibility for your business as you gain more brand attention.

For example, the more visibility your content receives allows for a wider scale audience to comment their opinions on your product/service–establishing greater credibility for your potential future customers. Furthermore, increased public attention will likely lead people to share your brand with others which also grows your audience.

Ideas for Implementing Content Marketing in your Business

Content Segmentation

Content segmentation is a powerful tool for marketing your small or local business. Segmentation is used to personalize your customer experience by categorizing and filtering your customers into groups depending on their demographics and interests.

After the establishment of your clients’ segmentation, you can then use content segmentation on your website that allows for the process of “writing, designing, and organizing content for each of your website's segmented groups of visitors”.

Video Content Marketing

This form of content marketing is used for the distribution of informative and educational content for a business’s audience through video format.

The use of video for marketing purposes has the highest-rated leads compared to alternate forms of content marketing tactics. Video marketing has proven to reach large-scale audiences due to providing information to viewers through visual means.

Blog Posts

Some ride off the use of blog posts in their content marketing; however, blogs have demonstrated to significantly increase a business’s web traffic. In fact, websites that post blogs have approximately 434% more indexed pages. Therefore, it is a highly beneficial method for growing brand awareness.

“Why are blog posts so effective?” you may ask. The more blog posts one places out will expand the results that pop up into search engines for their business by optimizing their brand visibility. Even at Stiddle, we post multiple blog posts a week to grow our viewer range.


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Building your Target Landing Pages

A landing page is the area of a site that potential clients “land” on through the navigation of a hyperlink or an alternate page. The major goal of landing pages is to change viewers into leads and to increase a business’s overall exposure which is why it is highly important.

Another reason why landing pages hold significance is because they demonstrate which channels are the most high-performing and what is generating the most conversions for a business. Being given this information then allows your team to focus more on the platforms that are providing your business with the greatest results.

A marketing tactic that you could implement in your landing pages is including a section where viewers can insert their contact information such as email or phone number which can assist in your business’s remarketing measures.

You can even use tools; such as the software we have at Stiddle that was created to help small or local businesses like yourself to grow the rate of your landing pages. Stiddle runs pre-targeted ads to find your intended audience using AI, meaning Stiddle automatically generates high performing campaigns and sales funnels for all businesses (e-commerce, info-product, local business, etc.) Stiddle’s goal is to assist you in expanding your customer reach.

Hosting Webinars

Many small or local businesses have found it useful to host free webinars to reach a higher scale audience (virtually or in-person). Webinars allow you to instantly connect with those interested in what your business is offering and will likely become your future clients.



Again- people enjoy seeing visual aids; therefore, using infographics is another powerful method for expanding your content marketing strategy.

Additionally, there are numerous resource platforms like Canva that have outlines for infographics which make it easy to use for marketers, so the question is why not infographics?

Email Marketing

Using email to expand your content marketing is an additional effective way to expand your business’s customer reach.

After you establish your business’s marketing objectives, you can then work on creating compelling messages that tie to your customer’s interests–use of segmentation for this is useful. Rather than making readers feel as if you are sending the same email to everyone, the use of segmentation allows them to feel special and increases the likeliness that they will make a purchase.


Although content marketing is useful for all businesses, for small or local businesses in specific, it is highly beneficial and necessary.

Implement some of these tactics and get ready to see an increase in your site traffic!

Stiddle — aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected marketing experts.

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