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Which ads and posts have Facebook banned due to COVID-19? [2021]
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Which ads and posts have Facebook banned due to COVID-19? [2021]
November 12, 2020

Introduction - COVID Facebook Ads

Affected by COVID-19, e-commerce sellers are exploring new business opportunities. At the same time, many new sellers who are exposed to medical supplies for the first time have also poured in, and Facebook's platform policy is also changing in the epidemic Growing. In order to protect its users, Facebook has banned certain advertisements and posts on the platform. Here is a summary.

Posts and advertisements mentioning false news about COVID-19

In the past few years, Facebook has been fighting with false information. At first, it was a false Russian advertisement for the 2016 US presidential election. Facebook responded, banning more content in the terms.

Currently, Facebook will delete content that spreads misinformation about COVID-19, including conspiracy theories and false statements about treatment and prevention methods. A widely rumored statement is that “drinking alcohol reduces the risk of contracting the virus.” Some people even make “disastrous money” from the epidemic by selling fake drugs.

Facebook is also working with third-party inspectors to eliminate misinformation about COVID-19. Once the inspector verifies that the post is false, Facebook will restrict its posting on the platform. Facebook will also inform users who reposted this post that the post was deemed "misinformation."

Advertisements and product listings about masks

It is understood that Facebook temporarily bans all listings and advertisements involving medical masks, regardless of whether these listings appear on the seller’s Timeline, Facebook Buy and Sell Group or Facebook Marketplace. This change may be a response to price hikes.

Now if you search for "mask" in the Marketplace, the search results have been displayed as 0.

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Because medical masks are in short supply, this valuable resource must be reserved for medical professionals, patients, and medical staff who take care of patients. Price hikes and price fraud are not conducive to the safety of the public community, so it is not surprising that Facebook banned the sale of masks.

Advertisement to profit from COVID-19

As the awareness of "anti-epidemic" and "epidemic prevention" in countries around the world has gradually become sober, the people have finally felt the terrible COVID-19. In times of fear and uncertainty, there are always people looking for business opportunities and businesses.

Facebook has now banned ads that use COVID-19 as a marketing point. For example, advertisements that incite panic or a sense of urgency when displaying their products or services as "anti-epidemic" solutions. If a retailer over-promotes an advertisement selling masks to ensure that their masks can prevent the spread of the virus, or claim that their masks are the only remaining purchasable products of the same kind, then the advertisement will not pass the review.

Although Facebook has not clearly stated how it will monitor such violations in ads, it is certain that if the ad copy contains the words "COVID-19" or "coronavirus", it is easy to "lay the gun", it is recommended Don't play with fire, it will cause trouble if your account is suspended.

Advertisements and product listings about hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and reagents

Facebook prohibits advertisements and listings for hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and COVID-19 reagents. Like masks, no matter if these listings appear on Facebook groups, Timeline, or Marketplace, they are all prohibited.

What happens if you are misjudged?

Facebook relies on content review and technology to ensure the safety of its platform for users. However, as the epidemic spread, auditors had to work from home and work remotely. Due to a lack of manpower and increased reliance on automated systems, the progress of content and advertising review may be greatly affected. Facebook said that in this process, it does not rule out the possibility of error "injury."

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If your content or advertisement involves price fraud, misleading information, or mentions masks, hand sanitizer, or disinfectant wipes, etc., any of the above reasons will be rejected due to the company's reduced staffing.

Facebook said: "Usually when we delete content, we will provide the person who posted the content with an option. If they think the review was wrong, they can appeal to ask us to view the content again. But now, because of our staff is reduced. We allow advertisers to tell us that they disagree with our decision. We will monitor the situation of such feedback to further improve the accuracy of the review, but we may not review the content again."

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