Design Facebook Ads With Canva: The Ultimate How To Guide

Not sure how to design facebook ads with Canva? Follow this guide to learn the ins and outs of Canva design.

How to Design Facebook Ads with Canva

Research studies undertaken have alluded to the conclusion that Facebook advertising has turned out to be very vibrant in the contemporary world. That is because most people are quite conversant with the social media platform. This form of advertising involves the deployment of ads in the Facebook news feed. Apparently, not every Facebook ad appears on the news feed. The appearance of ads happens to be dependent on the precise targeting approaches that the advertisers usually channel. In essence, this explains the reason why Facebook ads are usually considered to be very useful.

Factors to Consider When Creating Good Looking Facebook Ad Graphic with Canva

Before commencing the procedure of creating the advert with the aid of Canva, we must investigate an assortment of points. Some of these points include the following.

  1. Defining the target audience

For any individual to commence creating a Facebook ad, they should first identify their target market. The process of understanding the specific individuals who happen to be the purchasers of the commodity being is very critical. One may target diverse aspects such as age, gender, hobbies, location, and demographics. Once people understand who their most appropriate audiences are, they are then equipped to create the adverts.

  1. Grabbing the attention of the audience with the appropriate imagery

Conferring to the rules relating to the Facebook ads, an eminent Facebook ad should engrave more visuals than the text. The rules stipulate that a whopping 80% of the ad should be a depiction or photo. Based on this, it is always advisable to ensure that the ad incorporates the appropriate imagery such that it quickly catches the audience's attention. With the Canva application's aid, one can select the most appropriate images from an incredible media library that incorporates numerous professionally stocked images and illustrations to utilize for the design.    

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  1. Collaborating with a team regarding the design

Collaborating and establishing an affiliation with other social media campaign teams is very important for any person who may consider creating Facebook ads. That will ensure that the group can edit and collaborate on the ads.

Steps to Take When Creating a Good-Looking Facebook Advert Graphics with Canva

If the designer can consider the points explained above, they can begin creating the Facebook advert. Notably, the procedure of creating an advert with the aid of Canva is not multifaceted. That is because all the steps to be undertaken happen to be relatively straightforward and easy to apply. Below are those steps that one should follow.

  1. Opening a new page

The primary step that commences the advert's creation is downloading the Canva from either the App or Play store. However, if one has already downloaded the application before, they can log in directly to their respective accounts. After logging in, find the "Facebook ad" design type and view the available templates that you might utilize. However, if you could not find any suitable templates for your ads, you can commence the creation process from scratch.

  1. Identifying the most appropriate template for the advert

In case an individual is not conversant with the available templates in the application, or instead, they require some boost of motivation, they should peruse further regarding the templates for them to realize more notions. In essence, this can be undertaken through the aid of the search tool in the application. The search tool ensures that persons can filter by color, layout, and structure. Once the identification process is undertaken, the designer can click on the desired template to commence the design process.

  1. Exploration of features

The designer selects numerous stock photos, artworks, icons, images, labels, and other diverse graphics in this phase. The designer also drags and drops the advert's constituents onto the page and consequently rearranges the layout to ensure a good outlook. The images can either be applied filters on them, cropped or resized.

  1. Customization

In this step, the designer must upload their depictions, photos, illustrations, or branding components. One has the aptitude to try the new font elegances, color patterns, and backgrounds. In this step, one may utilize the tools of collaboration to perfect the design with other individuals.

  1. Publishing and sharing

This step happens to be the final step about the creation of Facebook adverts with Canva. After the last touches, the application offers the designer the capability to download and save it as either a JPG file or a PNG file. Once your design is saved, it can be uploaded to the Facebook page in speedy clicks.


You don't have to do all of this alone. There is plenty of software out there like Canva that can help you create great-looking ad graphics. One of these software is Stiddle. Stiddle automatically generates great-looking ad graphics for your campaigns. Check them out here.

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