How to set up ads on Facebook and Instagram

Detailed guide on How to Create Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Introduction: Setup Facebook and Instagram Ads

So you want to learn how to take advantage of Facebook ads. Well, you've come to the right place.

In order to stay relevant in this constantly evolving ad space one must learn digital advertisement. Companies are switching their budget from traditional marketing methods to those that include social media and online advertisement. Facebook and Instagram rule the market in successful conversions and amount of active users. In this post we cover how to set up ads on Facebook and how to set up Instagram ads through Facebook as well. Instagram is owned by Facebook so they make it easier to post to both platforms via Facebook.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook has become a playground for social media advertisers. Why, you might ask? It's because they hold the top spot in highest ROI (Return on Interest) from social media advertisement. Without capitalizing on this venture you would be losing out on all the business that could be gained online. It's easier than you think. Here's 7 easy steps to creating your Facebook advertisements.

1) Set Goals for Your Ad Campaigns

Before jumping into the process of creation you need to come with an agenda. Successful ads on Facebook have their target audience and goal in mind. Write down what you want to gain from running this advertisement. Most ads fail without these goals in mind.

Here's an example: We want to increase the amount of orders during our product launch. We aim to target young women between the ages of 18-27 who live on the West Coast of the United States.

2) Login to Facebook Ads Manager

If you already have a business account connected to Facebook then the process is much easier. You can login using the link to gain access to the Facebook Business Suite.

Facebook Ads Manager

In order to create an advertisement we can either click on 'Promote' or 'Create Post'. The 'Promote' button gives more options so we'll stick with that since this may be your first time.

3) Choose Your Objective

After Step 1 you should have a clear objective for your ad in mind. Below shows the options that Facebook offers in terms of goals for your advertisement.

Choose objective for Your Campaign

4) Define Your Audience and Budget

This is where we can customize our target audience. Without having a clearly defined audience we'd be fishing in an open ocean instead of a populated lake. The audience can be customized based on the following demographics:

i. Gender

ii. Age

iii. Location

iv. Education

v. Employment

vi. Lifestyle

vii. Interests

viii. Behaviors

When you're done setting your preferred audience we move on to the budget. If this is your first ad it's always better to start the ad using Facebook's smart budget calculator. This sets a limit to what they think your budget should be. You're always welcome to customize your budget. The more money you put in to the advertisement, the more reach the advertisement receives.

5) Create Your advertisement

This is the part where you get to let your imagination run wild. During this process you're able to add content such as images and videos with body text as well. There is a cap of 90 characters that you can use for the text that appears above your content.

There are two ways to run your advertisements. One is to use an existing post and the other is to create a new one. Refer back to Step 1 to see where to click for new posts. To boost an existing post, find the post you want to boost and click 'boost post' to input the ad information.

6) Pick Your Ad Placement

In order to create a successful Facebook Advertisement you must optimize the content to fit different devices. During this step you're able to choose which locations your ad will appear in. Some examples include Facebook's Desktop News Feed and Facebook's mobile News Feed.

A Guide to Facebook's Ad Placements - AdvertiseMint

Facebook recommends using their default placements. If you do decide to do your own make sure you look into what would be most useful based on your campaign objective.

7) Run Your Ad

When your ads are all set and done click the 'Promote Now' button on the bottom right hand side of the pop up window. Make sure to pay close attention to your analytics during the campaign. This will help narrow down your audience and location so you can reach more people that would be interested in your content.

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Instagram Advertisements:

In terms of usage Instagram is one of the most used social media sites on the internet. Capitalizing on the amount of users on this service will give you the exposure you need for everything you want to promote. Let's get the ball rolling with a few easy steps to running Instagram ads through Facebook Ads Manager.

1) Find Ads Manager Through Facebook Business Page

Log in to your Facebook business account and click on the Ads icon on the left-hand side menu bar. This brings up the ad page where you gain access to your Ads Manager. Click on the Ads Manager icon highlighted in blue and follow the directions on the next image.

2) Create a Campaign

Click the 'Create' button labeled in Green on the left hand side of the page. This will prompt you to this screen where you can create a new campaign or use an existing campaign. If this is your first time you will need to create a campaign.  Choose the campaign objective and move on to the next screen.

3) Fill in Campaign Information

Here's the part where it gets a little tedious as a first timer. Remember that it gets easier after practice. In this section you need to come up with a name for your new campaign. You have the option to set a 'Special Ad Category' as well as set a budget for the entire campaign.

4) Create a New Ad Set

Ad sets let you file your ads under different sections depending on the audience you're targeting.  You can fill in your budget and audience information in the sections below.

5) Create Your Ad and Publish Content

You've gotten to the final part of the entire ad creation process. This is where you get to be a little creative and find out what images or videos you want in your advertisement. You have two options under 'Ad Setup'. You can either use one video/image or use the Carousel option which includes two or more scrollable images/videos.

Once you're done you're free to publish your content and wait for your insights to see if your setup is working or not. Successful ads are usually the ones that go through tests and adjustments. Good luck on your future ad adventures.

There is an easier way! Checkout tools like Stiddle, an ad optimization tool that sets up, monitors, and optimizes your Facebook and Instagram ads automatically. Grab a free trial, HERE!

Wanna know more about Facebook Ads?

Stiddle's Blog: Ultimate Guide On Facebook Ads

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