How to become a Top Beauty Supply Provider w/ Advertising


Introduction To Facebook Ads for Beauty Supply

The beauty industry is undoubtedly one of the largest in America. With so many brands, products, and stores available to the public, competing with fellow beauty supply stores can be tough. However, with proper advertising techniques, becoming a top beauty supply provider is totally feasible.

If you’re wondering what those techniques are, Stiddle can help you! Continue reading for helpful tips and tricks that can grow your business.

Tip one: Advertise Discounts and Deals

Many beauty supply stores offer their customers an incentive to shop there. If you’re looking to increase the number of customers that come into your store and actually buy products, then advertising deals such as “Buy one, get one 50%” or discounted purchases will drive more people to your shop.

Furthermore, 74% of Americans stated that special offers were a top deciding factor when making a purchase. Therefore, advertising any incentive to people will immediately convert them into customers. Many beauty supply stores also advertise reward programs that can motivate customers to make larger and more frequent purchases in order to accumulate points.

Analyzing both direct and indirect competitors can help you decide what strategy will be the best fit for your business so you know what type of discounts you can offer to bring in more customers.

Tip Two: Post Relevant Content

Maintaining a social media presence that advertises the products you sell in-store is a great way to generate more sales. You can do so by posting “How To” tutorials that demonstrate how an individual can achieve a specific look by using products you have available in store.

The advantage of having a beauty supply store is that the content can range from hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, or recommended skincare regimens; Having such a wide variety of content options will allow you to advertise your store to a diverse market of consumers.

In addition, selling products from popular brands and marketing that information to customers will grab their attention. This is because popular products and brands tend to develop a loyal customer base since they have proven themselves trustworthy and people know they will be getting their money’s worth.

Overall, tutorials are a beneficial tactic that can help current and future customers understand the value of the products you are selling. The key to making useful tutorials is keeping them simple while efficiently showcasing the product.

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Tip Three: Testimonials

Another way to get customers into your store is through testimonials of the products you are selling. Testimonials can be posted on any of the popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. However, one of the top social media platforms to advertise on is TikTok. Viral TikTok videos have convinced people to buy products that end up selling out everywhere they’re available.

As previously mentioned, people like to know they are getting their money’s worth so when a product is praised then they are more likely to try that product out. Testimonials can be advantageous in both showing off the product and bringing in new customers.

Testimonials can also be given in store by employees. Hiring knowledgeable staff members will benefit the store because many customers can be first-timers or simply be looking for another’s opinion. When you hire employees that have more experience using beauty products, they will be able to give genuine help and thus provide the customer with a good experience.

Tip Four: Hire Influencers

Most brands, beauty or not, hire influencers to persuade people into becoming buyers. Influencers are great marketing tools because they are portrayed as credible and therefore they have an audience that looks up to them. Benefits of influencer marketing include growth in your social following, an increase in site traffic, an increase in sales, and trust for your business.

Paying an influencer to advertise your beauty supply store is a great way to turn your store into a staple. After an influencer raves about you, customers will associate your store name with credibility. Once you establish yourself reputable, you will gain many devoted customers that will continue returning to your store.

Tip Five: Advertise Your Store Locally

In addition to following other advertising techniques, a very quick and effective way to get your business known locally is to advertise your store in other businesses. Whether it’s through business cards or flyers, it will promote your beauty supply store. When displaying said flyers and business cards, you want to make sure they represent your business well and are organized. You don’t want your flyer to look like junk mail because then it won’t catch any customers’ eyes. Designing flyers are low cost with high impact and their tangibility will appeal to people!


By following these tips, you will be well on your way to becoming a top beauty supply provider. It takes good, consistent, and relevant content that you can advertise to attract a wide range of customers.

Stiddle can provide you with a hassle-free and efficient method of formulating advertisements through an AI algorithm while also bringing your business results. Sign up today for a FREE seven-day trial.

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