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Best Guide To Learn About Facebook Retargeting Ads in 2023
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Best Guide To Learn About Facebook Retargeting Ads in 2023
August 16, 2022

What No One Tells You About Facebook Retargeting Ads

Meta has developed a plethora of software to enhance any business profile on its site, especially its Facebook retargeting ads. Reaching future customers is easier for any business owner with Facebook’s built-in marketing system.

Advertising your business’s image can increase clicks and divert user traffic from competitors to your site. Showcasing what your brand has to offer is customizable on Facebook. A popular avenue for businesses to explore is the benefits of enabling Facebook retargeting ads on their account.

As a Facebook user, you are already provided with tools to boost your posts and get your business at the forefront of your industry’s social media presence. Follow the tips and tricks below for an enhanced experience on your Facebook site.

Benefits of Facebook Retargeting Ads

  • Promote a Positive Brand Reputation
  1. Give your business the added exposure it needs!
  • Gain Customer’s Trust
  1. Create long-lasting relationships B2C through genuine interactions on your site!
  • Link up with Target Audience on their own accord
  1. Turn leisure time on Facebook into peak engagement times for your profile!

Retargeting Ads on your Profile

Man using laptop for work

Utilizing Facebook retargeting ads is the next step to elevating any business profile to heightened visibility. Retargeting ads allow business owners to reconnect with users that have already interacted with your brand, regardless of being on or off the Facebook site. This software takes the engagement naturally given to your page (i.e. shared, followed, watched, or viewed) and applies it to advertising strategies unique to every potential customer.

Mainly, Facebook retargeting ads require you to create custom audiences from the data collected from customers who view your site.

Step-by-step Guide to Creating Custom Audiences on Facebook

Facebook Create Custom Audience Sidebar
  1. Log in to Facebook: Ads Manager
  2. After logging in, a dropdown menu will be presented on the top left-hand section of your screen.
  3. Find Audiences tab
  4. Choose Website Traffic
  5. Under the title Choose a Custom Audience Source
  6. The choices presented include:
  7. People visiting specific web pages but not others
  8. People who visit your website
  9. People who haven’t visited in a set interim of time
  10. Anyone who visits your website
  11. Custom Combination
  12. After selecting one of the choices, you are also able to choose a custom target date range, as well as your own personal name for it.
  13. Upload your Pixel Code for your website
  14. Pixel Codes are a code present on your website that allows you to track your website traffic for each customer visit.
  15. Obtain your pixel code from the Audiences section of the Ads Manager page.
  16. Under New Targeting Campaign, select Actions to find the View Panel via the dropdown menu.
  17. Your pixel code can now be selected and added!

Retargeting strategies aim to push potential customers through the sales funnel and ultimately make them loyal customers for your business. A sales funnel is a marketing term for the journey that customers route themselves until they reach the purchase stage. A basic sales funnel has a top, middle, and bottom section, dependent on the business’s sales output.

Applying Facebook retargeting ads on your business profile leads to higher conversion rates and low cost-per-click averages. Ensure that your business is reaching its fullest potential on the Facebook site by following the strategies mentioned below.

Facebook Retargeting Ads Strategies that work

Girl using laptop for work

Re-engaging Lost Customers

Sidebar of ad campaign tab

Following up with customers after their initial exposure to your products or services is important. A retargeting campaign that reconnects lost customers to your business aims at users who have not engaged with your profile within a set period of time.

EX: Duration since last visit: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months

Depending on the industry, it is time for your business to follow up with customers at the 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month intervals. For bigger products or services, such as appliances or annual subscription services, reminding your customer after 6 months to 1 year is advised.

Creating a Non-Rushed Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel with money at the bottom

Although re-targeting ads are intended to be blatant and pointed reminders for your customers, it is critical to remain genuine with your approach. Initially, their first exposure to your business was enough to garner brand awareness. Frequently running retargeting ads allows these users to warm up to a full retargeting ad campaign as time progresses.

Pro tip: Use video ads to tell your brand’s story

Videos are an easy advertising tool that can suck the viewer into finding out more about your business’s story. Retargeting video ads are most effective when directed towards at least 50% of the audience who watched the first video in the sequence.

Steps to creating a custom audience for videos

  1. Select Engagement in creating a custom audience tab
  2. Select the Video option

Using Facebook retargeting ads with a video can also be applied to specific products by grouping them with collection ads.

Reminding Customers of Items They Loved

Whether customers are on Facebook or not, they can be prompted into revisiting your business’s page through dynamic ads and custom audiences. Specifically, dynamic ads take users' site or app activity to display previously viewed items on and off the Facebook site. The ability to keep your brand at the forefront of the customer’s mind is a tool impactful enough to nudge customers into the next stage of the sales funnel.

As long as your business is on a potential customer’s mind, you will experience heightened conversion rates. Businesses can facilitate swift conversion rates by giving customers discounts or coupon codes.

Dynamic ads worked best on users who visit specific pages but do not purchase what is displayed there. Since these potential customers went deep enough into your site to view what was on the page, they would be more willing to purchase alongside the aid of dynamic ads.

Earning the “Achievement Unlocked” strategy

Mobile apps are a popular source of shopping in the 21st century because of the value found by customers of easier purchasing experiences. The easier it is for customers to purchase, the higher the sales and conversion rates will be for your brand.

Allowing your brand’s mobile application to track in-app activity paves an avenue of data for creating targeted campaigns that best fit your customers. Customers expect to be rewarded for their activity on your app in the digital sales funnel. Follow the steps below to create a soundproof “achievement unlocked” strategy for your business.

How to Add Achievements for Customers on your app

  1. Select the Custom Audience Source tab
  2. Under your Sources, select App Activity
  3. Between all the options, select Target Most Active Users
  4. Or Users who Purchased Most from your site

For these valued customers, you can now give them first access to sales or new release collections. The “Achievement Unlocked” strategy incentivizes users to follow your brand, harnessing brand loyalty that will help your business in the long run.

Unearthing the Abandoned Cart Graveyard

Phone showing targeted ad options on Facebook

Alongside reminding customers about individual products/services is to push for abandoned cart owners to purchase their cart. This is one of the most widely used Facebook retargeting ads strategies. Depending on the industry, the global cart abandonment rate averages at 75%.

Most Popular Reasons why the cart is abandoned:

  1. The customer was pricing the item
  2. The customer wanted to trigger a coupon code
  3. The customer was researching an item
  4. The customer got distracted and forgot to purchase

Converting this type of customer starts with allowing them to view their cart at all times. Providing customers that have abandoned their carts with an offer or coupon code ensures higher purchase turnover. On Facebook, businesses can set reminders for customers with abandoned carts.

In the Targeting tab, business profiles can set up inclusionary or exclusionary targeting depending on customer needs. Through this method, businesses can avoid collecting untapped revenue from abandoned carts.

How to Set Cart Reminders

  1. Make sure customers have the View Cart option enabled
  2. Find the Create a Website Traffic Custom Audience tab
  3. Choose between inclusionary/exclusionary targeted offers
  4. Customers who have added items to their cart but have not seen the order confirmation page will be able to view the ad.
  5. EX: introductory offer of 10-20% off, or free shipping for first-time buyers

Sequencing Ads

Prospective customers for your brand may need more exposure to your business before moving into the next stage of the sales funnel. Facebook retargeting ads make this possible through the function of creating multiple ad campaigns via sequencing ads.

Sequencing ads are a form of advertising targeting specific time windows unique to every shopper. This may sound tedious, but the data collected from users’ activity ensures businesses can find their most valuable target audience who will view and engage with their ads. Aligning your retargeting campaigns with the heaviest website traffic times your business experiences is critical to the success of your marketing strategy.

How to set Sequencing Ads

  1. Find the Create a Website Traffic Custom Audience tab
  2. Select Add People to Your Audience
  3. EX: Time interim that targets an audience who viewed your page from 5-8 days ago
  4. Set specifications of your ad campaign
  5. EX: First 4 days have eye-catching ads, which focus on a specific product; from days 5-8, highlight services with less commitment, such as a one-month subscription

By adding sequencing ads to your ad campaign, your business can prioritize sales of any value.

Facebook Retargeting Ads: Conclusion

Man planning on whiteboard

Facebook retargeting ads can give your brand an added edge on your online presence, ensuring added engagement on your site, heightened brand visibility, and swifter conversion rates. Take complete advantage of what Facebook Business profiles have to offer by maintaining a steady retargeting ad campaign.

Interested in learning more marketing tips on social media platforms? Follow us at Stiddle.com for future marketing blogs!

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