Marketing Agency Advantage : The Benefits for Business


Introduction - Marketing Agency Advantage

Online platforms not only make digital marketing easier but more accessible. Because small businesses now have greater access to potential markets, they might consider either hiring an internal marketing team or allocating marketing tasks to existing employees. However, marketing for small businesses, specifically social media marketing, is far more time-intensive and nuanced than it appears, making it all the more important that small businesses work with a digital marketing agency to help them navigate this new frontier.

The Purpose of a Digital Marketing Agency

Of course, that poses the question: what is a digital marketing agency, and what can they do for my small business that I can't do myself?†Unlike traditional marketing which might focus on television or outdoor ads, digital marketing is content marketing on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram, using these sites to increase website traffic, content engagement, and sales. By extension, a digital marketing agency specializes in promoting a company online and helping clients navigate the world of social media marketing. They are equipped with the expertise and the technology to help you curate an online brand that sticks out to your target demographic, and they know how to analyze the data that your company's social media marketing campaigns produce.

Advertising Your Business

Now that we've established what digital marketing is and what a digital marketing agency does, we can focus on how they help grow your business through a more targeted marketing approach. One of the most unique aspects of social media marketing is how it generates far more data than traditional forms of marketing. Data is the currency that sites like Facebook, Google, and Instagram are built upon, and it is what makes online content marketing special.

Do you ever notice how if you look up shoes on Google, you will find an ad for shoes on your Facebook feed later? And you won't find just any pair of shoes; those shoes will be based on what content you engaged with while on Google and will be based off of the profile that Facebook has created about you, your demographic, and your behaviors. That's the power of digital marketing. With the help of a digital marketing agency, your ad can be targeted to the consumers that are most likely to engage with your content, and they can help you tap into the unique opportunities that digital marketing holds.

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Although some small business owners might feel comfortable creating their own ads, a digital marketing agency has both the technology and expertise to make your online content even better. Considering that Instagram and Facebook collect consumer data like location, demographics, interests, and behaviors, amongst other information, which can help you target the audiences most likely to use your products or services, the amount of information you would need to analyze could be overwhelming. Further, it can be difficult to decide which information is important or even necessary. Based on who's looking at your content, you might try a different approach, and using a digital agency would help streamline that process.

Analyzing Your Data

Another benefit to a digital marketing company is that it has the technology to analyze the data your content creates. That way you can understand which audiences like your content, engage with it, and eventually decide to purchase your products or services. Even beyond analyzing the data, a digital marketing agency can use its technology to create Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.

For example, here at Stiddle, we use artificial intelligence to create the perfect ads for your small business without human error or bias. Our machine learning algorithm takes in information about your company like your business's niche, your location, and your competitors to create a marketing campaign for you. Once you release your ad campaign, Stiddle will help you analyze how effective your social media marketing is. It calculates your ROI from your marketing strategy and assigns an effectiveness ranking to your ads so you know which ones are helping propel sales and website traffic and which ones aren't effective, helping you spend your marketing budget more wisely.

Small businesses aren't always equipped to spend the necessary time curating the perfect online brand and content, nor is it easy to constantly manage an online presence since it requires regular updates. As trends and needs change, your social media marketing strategy needs to evolve with it. Hiring a digital marketing manager who is well-versed in both content marketing and current market trends is essential to growing your business. While it may seem easier to simply hire an internal marketing team, it could be even more expensive to have to pay the salary for a whole marketing team rather than hiring a digital marketing agency that tailors its approach to small businesses.

Call to Action

Nevertheless, digital market agencies are still quite expensive, especially for a small business. Since small businesses, especially newer ones, are often operating on the margins, it's difficult to afford a digital marketing agency. Because it's so expensive, some companies are willing to forgo stronger social media marketing campaigns in order to keep their businesses afloat. Unfortunately, that means that small businesses lose the opportunity to promote their brand and image online, resulting in fewer sales and less website traffic.

That's where Stiddle comes in. Our mission is simple: we want to simplify digital marketing while making it accessible and affordable for small businesses. Because we understand the difficulties of running a small business, we guarantee that if you don't see any results from our automated advertisements within the first seven days, we will extend your free trial period, no questions asked. We are equipped to help businesses of any industry, size, and stature create the best automated advertising solutions for a tenth of the cost of a typical digital marketing agency.


Marketing is essential for a small business. It reflects how your customers perceive your mission, your brand, and your product, making it all the more important that your content marketing effectively conveys the message that you want. Digital marketing is the way of the future, allowing you to reach a worldwide audience with ease. Never before has marketing been more accessible, but that doesn't mean that marketing is now somehow easier. It simply means that marketing is playing by a new rulebook. Although digital marketing agencies have many benefits, they are often too expensive for a small business to afford. Thus, Stiddle offers you a more economical solution so we can help you understand more about this new method of content marketing. We will help you create the perfect social media marketing campaign for your small business, making sure that all of your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads stand out from the rest of your competition. We'll help you navigate this new world of digital media, helping your small business grow into the company you envision.

Stiddle - aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected marketing experts.

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