How Small Businesses Can Increase Their Outreach with Google Ads


Introduction - Outreach with Google Ads

In the year 2000, Google released a new platform: Google Ads. It's fitting that the release of Google Ads coincided with the start of the next millennium since this platform is arguably one of the most significant developments in marketing history. Google has a worldwide market share of 87% for all search engines. It receives 5.6 billion searches a day. Because Google has such a vast and diverse userbase, it's the perfect tool for marketers and businesses to spread their outreach. Here's exactly how you can increase your outreach with Google Ads and why Google Ads is the perfect opportunity for your small business.

1. Know Your Audience

Since so many people use Google and its family of platforms and products (Gmail, G Suite, Youtube, Google Maps, Android, and dozens more), Google has amassed vast amounts of personal data about everyone who uses their products. Google creates individual profiles of its users and uses that information both to analyze overall market trends and to target specific ads to specific consumers. Thus, you can learn more about what your audience would respond most positively to and focus your ad creation on those topics. This way, you not only increase your outreach but you are more effective with your outreach.

2. Targeting the Right Audience

One of the best ways Google can increase your small business's outreach is by targeting the right audiences. Whether you section your customers based upon demographics, interests, or preferences, Google can help you reach the right people.

Even beyond these typical metrics, you can target people based on the devices they are using, post certain ads at specific times of the day, or the place they live. By enabling small businesses to reach the right people, Google Ads ensures that you spend your marketing budget effectively.

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3. Send Customers to the Right Landing Page

Depending on the ad your customer clicked on, Google can send them to the landing page that most accurately reflects the content they were viewing. For example, if you are an energy company and a customer saw an ad about your new clean energy initiative, you would want to send them to your clean energy page, not one about natural gases.

You wouldn't want to send potential customers to just your homepage either. Since your homepage is often very broad and doesn't go into depth about specific topics, it's better to send your customer to the page that best reflects their immediate needs and interests. Because your customer sees specific content in the ad that is targeted to them, it's best to send them directly to the page that reflects the content they engaged with, helping you increase website traffic and potential sales.

4. Analyzing the Data

Another benefit of using Google Ads is that you can analyze the data your social media marketing campaign produces. Most likely, you will run multiple ads when you market your business, and if you use Google Ads, you will be able to analyze which ads received the most engagement, which ads were most effective at converting engagement into sales, and which ads should simply be dropped.

Google Ads also calculates your ROI for you, saving you from the time-consuming task of determining the effectiveness of each campaign. Running ads isn't only about increasing your outreach but increasing your impact. As such, it's important to learn what types of content best convert engagement into action.

5. Increasing Your Outreach at the Right Price

Small businesses often don't have very large budgets for marketing. Compared to other forms of traditional marketing, digital marketing is a far more equitable playing field. Businesses are charged when a person clicks on their Google ad, so you are only ever charged if your marketing campaign is effective.

However, this also means that you might run through a month's marketing budget in a week if your ads are too successful.†To ensure that you don't outspend your budget, you have the power to set daily budgets. For example, you might set a limit of $25 a day, and you could potentially pay less than that depending on how many clicks your ads receive. Additionally, if you want to maximize your campaign's effectiveness, you can allocate different budgets to different promotional campaigns. Thus, you can effectively increase your outreach without exceeding your means.


Google Ads provides you and your small business the perfect opportunity to begin your digital marketing campaign. It is the most used search engine in the world, granting you access to a vast network of potential customers. You can target ads to the people most likely to engage with them, customize their experience with your business's website, analyze in real-time which ads are the most effective, and calculate your ROI, helping you decide how you want your social media campaign to evolve in the future. Google Ads grants small businesses the power to profoundly expand their outreach in ways never before possible, and it can fundamentally change how you interact with and draw in new customers.

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