How to Better Publicize Real Estate Services and Experience



Being in a saturated industry like real estate, it is necessary to use as many resources as possible to grow your clientele.

Although real estate is competitive, acquiring and utilizing impactful marketing strategies will help boost your name and credibility as a realtor. This post, brought to you by Stiddle, will outline strategies you can incorporate in your advertising plans to better publicize your real estate services for your customer experience.

1. Build a Website

Every real estate agent needs a website. Why? The first thing many do is search the internet if they are interested in buying/selling a property; therefore, having an online presence allows prospective customers to view what you are all about and will likely generate you greater leads.

Additionally, your website is a highly effective way of establishing your reliability. For example, the inclusion of your listings and regularly updating those listings will lead those interested to continue visiting your site.

2. Real Estate Testimonials

To further drive your reputation as a realtor, the utilization of former clients testimonials will solidify what you represent. Seeing direct insights from those who have worked with you in the past will make prospects more confident in their realtor decision. You can then publish your testimonials on your website and across your other social media platforms.

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3. Virtual Tours

Thanks to technology, you now can create virtual tours for your prospective customers.

Virtual tours provide an interactive way for prospects to view properties and provide nearly the same experience one would have if they saw the properties in person from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, they allow multiple clients to view a property at the same time which also optimizes your own time.

4. Blogs

85% of small businesses that do blog have reported very positive results from the practice of regularly creating and sharing content via this type of platform.

Blogging is an effective marketing tactic for drawing in consumers due to it causing greater search engine rankings and in return, boosts the opportunities for prospects to find you.

5. Social Media Advertising

Social media is a top resource for real estate. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 47% of real estate businesses have reported that social media advertising has provided them the greatest rate of leads.

Social media advertising is important for establishing your brand awareness, grows your website traffic, allows for instant communication between you and your prospects, etc.

Furthermore, for assistance in your social ad distribution, you can even utilize professional tools such as those we provide at Stiddle that were created to help realtors like yourself get into social advertising. Once you sign up, we do all your ad work for you by generating high performing campaigns and sales funnels. If you are interested in a FREE TRIAL from Stiddle, Click Here.

6. Host Webinars

Hosting webinars for your clients is another strategy for publicizing your real estate services. This method is efficient for enhancing your customer experience by providing them an interactive method of learning more information about you. Additionally, hosting webinars is extremely cost-effective; therefore, it would be a win-win for its use.

Publicize Real Estate Services

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important strategy for better publicizing your real estate services. With email marketing, there are many options you can choose between such as automated email campaigns.

An effective method for expanding your customer experience is by using personalization through your emails to prospects. By utilizing email segmentation, you will be provided the opportunity to narrow down your audience based on their demographic, geographic location, interests, etc. which will make their experience with you unique likely leading to their interest in viewing the properties that you are offering.

8. Referrals

Real estate referrals occur when another licensed real estate professional, a former client, or a referral company recommends your real estate services to someone looking to buy or sell a property.

Usage of referrals provides incentives for your past clients to refer you to others, which in return provides you increased business.

9. Partnering W/ Local Business

Becoming partners with a local business is a tactical way of boosting your credibility as a realtor. For instance, you could buy cups for your local coffee shop and have them be labeled with your own branding.

Keep in mind, a partnership goes two ways you will have to provide them something in return.

10. Publish Educational Video Content

Distributing educational real estate videos for prospects is another key way of displaying your expertise and generating more leads.

The use of videos provides you the opportunity to make educational content become more interesting for your viewers. For example, you can include humor throughout your videos rather than provide purely statistical data you want to show them your personality as well and why they should choose you as their real estate agent.

11. Business Cards

Having business cards is another great way for publicizing your services. Keep in mind, the more professional the better but make it unique as you can.

Your goal should be to catch a prospective clients eyes, but it is also important to not clutter the card: keep it clean and to the point.


We hope that with the application of these real estate marketing tools, you find success in the enhancement of your customer experience and advertising techniques!

Good luck!

Stiddle - aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected marketing experts.

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