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Explaining The Stats on Social Media Marketing
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Explaining The Stats on Social Media Marketing
August 7, 2020

Introduction - Social Media Marketing Stats

With billions of people accessing social media every month, small businesses have the power to reach audiences all around the world. Different social media platforms have emerged over the years offering each user a unique experience. Understanding the prominence of social media, the effectiveness of social media marketing, and the nuances between each platform will help businesses stand out and promote their brand. That's why we at Stiddle created a list of statistics on social media marketing and their relevance to help you understand how to market your business in the digital era.

The Prevalence of Social Media

The Stats

Worldwide, 2.62 billion people use social media every month. The average person uses social media for 135 minutes a day (two hours and fifteen minutes a day). Of those who use social media, 91% use social media on mobile devices.

The Stats Explained

Social media is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Its prominence means that it's imperative for businesses to have a social media presence in order to maintain relevance. When creating content, it's important to consider which audiences you will be reaching and to make the content compatible with the devices they are using.

Social Media Marketing

The Stats

Social media marketing accounts for 13.8% of a company’s marketing budget, and it constitutes a large part of marketing budgets for good reason: 27% of users find new products through social media, and for users between the ages of 16 and 24, it's 31%. While consumers may use social media to find new products, the average global CTR is down 30%, so this won't exactly translate into increased engagement with your ads. Additionally, it takes less than a second for a user to create a positive or negative association with your ad.

The Stats Explained

Businesses are recognizing the importance of social media marketing since consumers often rely on these platforms to find new products. However, consumers won't settle for just anything. In order for your ads to convert into increased website traffic and potential sales, the content that you advertise should be engaging and create positive. Otherwise, you risk consumers having a negative association with your brand and perceiving your ads as intrusive.


The Stats

As the most used social media platform in the world, Facebook ads reach 1.95 billion marketable users out of its base of over 2.41 billion. 71% of Americans use Facebook, making it the most penetrative social media platform in the US (with the exception of YouTube). The fastest-growing user group is seniors, and high-income individuals are also prominent Facebook users. Half of American teens and nearly three-quarters of American adults use Facebook. 90 million small businesses use Facebook, and oftentimes they use organic marketing on their pages and through Messenger instead of paying for ads. The average user clicks on 11 ads per month.

The Stats Explained

The world's most prominent social network remains one of the best places for a small business to market itself. With a diverse user base spanning all age groups and dozens of countries, Facebook offers small businesses countless opportunities to reach their target audience. Whether it be in the form of paid content advertising or organic marketing, businesses will certainly bolster their brand on Facebook.


The Stats

Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month, with 52% being female and 48% being male. 73% of American teens believe that the best way to advertise to them is through Instagram. Regarding actual advertising reach for Gen Z, Instagram is third, just behind Facebook and Snapchat. 92% of Instagram users have interacted with a brand (ie followed them, explored their website, or purchased an item from them) on Instagram, and 11% actually shop on Instagram. Instagram posts, stories, and videos are three of the top four most effective types of influencer advertising. 49% of consumers claim that they depend on the recommendations of influencers.

The Stats Explained

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites, and it is one of the best avenues to reach a younger audience. Additionally, users interact regularly with brands and their profiles, meaning that businesses should invest in consistently maintaining an engaging social media presence. In terms of effective marketing strategies on Instagram, businesses should consider using influencers to promote their products.


The Stats

Every day, 218 million people use Snapchat. 82% of Snapchat's users are under the age of 34, making it very popular amongst younger generations. 55% of users follow at least one brand, and 50% of users will open brand stories. Additionally, 60% of users will watch Snapchat ads with the sound on. While Snapchat's ad revenue is one-tenth that of Facebook's, that also means that there is more marketing retail space on Snapchat than Facebook.

The Stats Explained

With millions of users regularly using Snapchat, it has become a strong force in social media marketing. It reaches a younger demographic, and many users are willing to engage with content that brands produce whether it be through branded lenses, geo-filters, or ads.


The Stats

LinkedIn isn't quite as popular as sites like Facebook and Instagram, however, it still has well over 660 million users. 51% of college-educated Americans use LinkedIn, and 57% of LinkedIn users are men. Compared to other social media sites, LinkedIn is the most used amongst Fortune 500 companies. LinkedIn is also the top paid and organic channel for B2B content marketing.

The Stats Explained

LinkedIn is the best platform to target young professionals. B2B marketers will have an especially strong impact since so many companies have a presence on it. Lots of decision-makers and executives spend their time on LinkedIn giving small businesses an edge into this target audience.


Social media has proven to be one of the strongest forces in marketing, and businesses should pay close attention to their digital marketing strategies. By creating an engaging and strong social media presence, small businesses will be on the right path to creating the brand that they envision.

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