The easiest way to design aesthetically pleasing landing pages [How-To]



A landing page is a page a visitor arrives at on your website after clicking on a link in an email or ad. Visually pleasing landing page design affects how users feel about a company, product, or service. Combining good design with the best offer will help you create highly effective landing pages that convert users.

In this article, we will introduce you to some best practices for creating an effective landing page.

Bold Headings

An eye-catching heading and subheading serve as a lighthouse for your potential customers and tell them what to expect. Its content should pique the reader’s interest and its design should be clear and bold. Remember to use bold sections headings to explain the benefits and selling points of your product.


Each section should be broken down into digestible segments. Having a logical, easy-to-skim display of information is key to capturing leads.

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The Rule of One

Each landing page should focus on promoting one key message or offer, and one clear call-to-action (CTA) button at the end. The goal of the landing page is to provide potential leads with an easy path to conversion.

Having multiple options for potential customers to click on is distracting. The easier you make it for potential customers to find and absorb your CTA, the more likely they are to convert. Here are some design elements to make your CTA eye-catching:

  1. Use a color that stands out from the rest of the page.
  2. Bold your CTA text.
  3. Use directional cues like arrows and lines to steer the viewers to the CTA button.
  4. Make your CTA appear clickable through 3D design.
  5. Keep your CTA “above the fold,” make sure it can be seen on screen without having to scroll down.
  6. Contrasting Whitespace and Colors

Human eyes are naturally attracted to contrasting colors. Use this in your landing page design to highlight the most prominent elements of your page, such as the heading and the CTA button. With contrasting colors to indicate information hierarchy, your page will be both visually pleasing and easier to digest. To avoid packing too much information onto one landing page, use whitespace strategically. Place whitespace around elements like headings and CTA buttons to make your page look clean and uncluttered. It also enables potential leads to a focus on what’s important.

Context-of-Use Video and Images

Videos and images tell a thousand words. Quality, relevant videos, and images make your page more aesthetically pleasing. They also demonstrate the exact features of your offering by placing potential leads in the actual situation with your product. They can be a great way to show the benefits of your offer and can be more impactful than any written message.

Device compatibility

With increasing mobile device users around the world, you should not overlook optimizing landing pages for mobile. While the above tips also apply to designing a successful mobile landing page, you should also pay attention to limiting your load time to under five seconds. The most important step to minimize load time is to reduce your images’ sizes on your website, which can be done through Photoshop.

Stiddle Landing Pages

Stiddle offers a wide variety of landing page templates that have been tested to ensure that they are some of the highest converting landing pages on the market. Whether you are a brick and mortar store trying to gain appointments or an e-commerce store trying to sell more products, there's a landing page for you.

Creating a landing page with Stiddle is as easy as choosing a template,

Choosing the color theme to reflect your brand and product,

Editing the content with our easy-to-use text and image editor,

And publishing your template to a custom domain or one that we generate for you.

Here are some of my favorite Stiddle Landing Page templates below:


Your landing page design is just as important as the actual content on the page itself. You should leverage the aesthetic components of your website to make it easier for potential leads to understanding the message you are trying to convey.

Using Stiddle, you can now create a beautiful and high-converting landing page in mere minutes.

Looking to learn more about ROI? See how to increase ROI in the SaaS industry!

Checkout Stiddle's Blog Article: How to Increase ROI in the SaaS Industry

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