Why Use Facebook Pixel: Best 4 Facebook Pixel Benefits & Functionalities

The Facebook Pixel is a great tool that helps marketers track website traffic and retarget visitors. This is the comprehensive guide to the Facebook Pixel...

The Facebook Pixel Benefits and its Functionalities

It is undoubtedly evident that there are numerous technological advancements in the contemporary world. Most of these advancements have proved to be very imperative whenever it comes to how different organizations undertake business. So, why use Facebook pixel? Using the Facebook pixel allows you to track and retarget ad viewers, in addition to many other capabilities - we'll go through these below!

Lately, the tech giant Facebook launched the "Facebook Pixel," which has since proven to be of enormous significance, especially to the advertising personnel.

Why use Facebook pixel? What is it?

Precisely, the Facebook Pixel can be understood as a line of code inserted into a website with the mandate of offering an imperative linkage regarding visitors' onsite behavior and Facebook user profiles. Once the connection has been provided, the synchronization involving visitors of the website and the Facebook account permits the platform to retarget the relevant ads.

But why use Facebook pixel? On the other hand, the Facebook pixel can also be useful in tracking doings that those individuals would undertake in the event they returned to that specific social media platform. Moreover, it is evident that the tool allocates advertisers with the aptitude to target people on Facebook properties and allows organizations to evaluate their paid social media campaigns' efficiency.

In the past, Facebook has introduced to their customers an assortment of analytics/tracking pixels. Some of them included the Facebook custom audience pixel and the Facebook conversion pixel. However, the latter was discontinued, and audiences anticipated to shift to the other, which was functional.

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Facebook Pixel Benefits

Based on the explanation above, it is conspicuous that the Facebook Pixel is quite beneficial to the modern advertising world. The primary rationale for articulating this is that the tool offers crucial information that individuals can utilize to create more enhanced Facebook adverts and for proper identification of the target intended for the adverts.

Besides, this distinct tool aids in ensuring that the adverts are identifiable and visible to the individuals who seem to take the anticipated action, allowing the advertisers to enhance their Facebook advert's conversion rates and the return on investments (ROI).

Notably, most individuals may argue that the tool is of significance to the advertising persons only, but that may not be the case. Even though one is not utilizing the Facebook adverts yet, they should install the Facebook pixel devoid of any time wastage. This is because the tool will commence collecting data right away such that the individuals do not have to begin from scratch if they decide on creating their first Facebook advert.

Functionalities of the Facebook Pixel

The benefits of Facebook Pixel depend solely on the functionalities that it encompasses. Conspicuously, they happen to be numerous but can be outlined as follows.

1. Creation of Lookalike Audiences

The first benefit of Facebook Pixel lies in the creation of lookalike audiences. The event of creating similar audiences by the Facebook pixel is quite imperative. In essence, it involves utilizing it's targeting information and data to aid in the establishment of the lookalike audience of individuals.

These are the persons who, to no small extent, share similar hobbies, interests, and demographics to persons who happen to be in interaction with the website already. Therefore, the expansion of the potential customer base is effortlessly realized.

2. Optimization of Facebook Adverts for Conversions

The second functionality of the Facebook pixel is that of optimizing Facebook adverts for conversions. Specifically, the tool can be applied in optimizing adverts for distinct conversion actions on the website. Devoid of the tool, the only transformation an individual can conduct the optimization procedure happens to be that of the link clicks.

However, in the event the pixel is installed, persons have the aptitude of optimizing for conversions. Such conversions ought to align thoroughly with the business objectives, such as the purchases and the sign-ups.

3. Facebook Retargeting - Why use Facebook pixel?

The third benefit of Facebook Pixel is its retargeting capabilities. This functionality allows the users to depict the targeted adverts to persons who have previously visited the site. With the aid of this functionality, persons can select on getting certainly granular. For instance, the website can show individuals the advert for the commodity they left on the website's wish list.

4. Facebook Tracking

The function of the pixel being able to track can be considered reasonably significant. This conclusion's primary rationale is that the tool guarantees the users to view how individuals interrelate with the website after looking at the Facebook adverts.

Besides, this tool can go a mile further in tracking the respective customers across their specific devices. It brings the consequence that this notifies the advertiser on whether persons can view the adverts on mobile but switch to a desktop before conducting a purchase or vice versa.


So, why use Facebook pixel? Conferring to the aspect of Facebook advertising, individuals have multiple chances of engaging and converting visitors even after being provided with the front-end offer. The tool's type of information aids one in retargeting the adverts to possible clients in prospect.

Moreover, the tool offers imperative intuitions into the audience, ensures the delivery of adverts to the audiences that may have depicted some interest in the business, and improves the advert's general effectiveness. It is for these weighty reasons that marketers are encouraged to try out the Facebook pixel.

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