What Social Media Marketing Does for a Small Business


Introduction - Small Business Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to connect with new and continuing customers. Especially as a small business owner, it is important to take advantage of this resource as much as possible.

As of 2019, there were 3.5 billion users plugged into some type of social media platform. Hence, the more people who utilize social media, the greater the chance your business has for reaching a larger audience with its use.

Ultimately, passing up the immense opportunities created by social media can be what sets your business back against your competition.

This post, brought to you by Stiddle, will outline the top reasons why small businesses need to use social media marketing.

Marketing on Social Media

Growth in Search Engine Results

If you weren’t already aware– the more activity your business has on social media, the greater influence it holds over the content being placed into search engines about your brand.

A 2016 study from CognitiveSEO found that there is a correlation between social signals (likes, comments, etc.) and Google’s search engine rankings. Meaning, higher social media activity has proven to display more search engine visibility for businesses.

Therefore, if your small business is looking to pop up in more consumers' search results, this is one reason for using social media marketing.

Higher Conversion Rates

According to Social Media Today, “social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound methods.” In other words, the use of social media marketing has demonstrated stronger results than traditional methods–leading to higher conversion ratings for businesses.

A major reason for social media increasing a business’s conversion ratings is due to the human interaction aspect that social media provides consumers.

In fact, the name itself is “social” media– implying that users will be connecting with each other on a personal level. Some favor in-person human interaction; however, in the age of digitalization, you can still have relationships with your customers behind a screen (which many consumers today prefer).

Therefore, social media is an outlet for communication between you and your potential/ continuing customers.


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Expanding Your Audience

When on social media, there are countless ways to find new customers to market to.

For example, you can discover new clients by searching through trending and relevant topics that pertain to your business and target those who post related content (implying their interest). Furthermore, you can invest in social media ads that target your ideal customers for you.

Social media advertisements are customizable depending on who the intended viewer is. For example age, location, interests, etc. will be taken into account and filtered to match your intended audience through social media marketing.

You can even use tools; such as the software we have at Stiddle that was created to help small businesses like yourself launch your brand across multiple channels without your involvement. Once you sign up, we do all your advertising work for you. Stiddle runs pre-targeted ads to find your intended audience using AI, meaning Stiddle automatically generates high performing campaigns and sales funnels for all businesses (e-commerce, info-product, local business, etc.) If you are interested in a FREE TRIAL, Click Here.

Brand Loyalty

Engaging with viewers on your social media pages creates a way to explain your business’s mission and increase your brand loyalty.

Furthermore, it is important to post relevant and valuable information for your viewers to further establish your expertise as a business and explain how you are worth your customers’ time.

For instance, find ways of expanding your authority in your field by explaining why a prospective client should choose you rather than your competitors.


Many social media platforms offer insight tools to help businesses understand which content that they are distributing is the most popular. Resources such as Instagram’s analytics tools provide businesses a way to distinguish what measures they have taken that have led to their intended results versus those that did not.



Not only is social media marketing more effective for connecting with one’s audience, but it also is a cost-effective approach for the distribution of information and marketing.

To put it into perspective, Lyfe Marketing found that the use of social media marketing is 3x less expensive than advertising through traditional marketing. Therefore, it permits you to spend less while increasing your brand name.


Some doubt the capabilities of using hashtags, however, their usage is extremely beneficial for expanding a business’s reach. They are a way to label what a business is about and targets those who have similar interests.

Utilization of hashtags helps make your brand discoverable grow your brand visibility.

Driving Traffic

Here are some tactics for increasing your website traffic through social media:

  • Building backlinks
  • Targeting keywords
  • Promoting blog content
  • Optimizing your calls-to-action
  • Referring people to your website
  • Etc.


There you have it, the top reasons for what social media marketing does for small businesses.

It is pivotal that your business utilizes social media for marketing to increase your brand and productivity.

We wish you the best of luck!

Stiddle — aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected marketing experts.

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