How to Convince Clients to Switch Healthcare Providers with Ads


Introduction - Healthcare Facebook Ads

For employers and employees alike, healthcare can be one of the most difficult topics to navigate. Do our plans have enough coverage? Does our insurance cost too much for the company? For the employees?

Because healthcare can be convoluted and frustrating, clients are often desperate to find a plan that strikes the perfect balance of cost and coverage without being too confusing. So how should an insurance company market themselves so that clients will switch providers? Read on to find out.

Target the Decision Makers

Of the Americans who have health insurance, the majority receive their coverage through their employer. Many retired Americans receive their insurance through the government, while independent contractors only make up less than 10% of the American workforce. As such, your biggest clientele will be companies that offer their employees insurance.

Who to Target in These Companies

Targeting ads to every employee in a company would be a waste of your marketing budget. The only decision most employees have when it comes to their healthcare is deciding whether or not to opt-out of their company's plan. That means that you have to target the people who are in charge of making these decisions. They are the decision makers in HR and finance, meaning the head of HR, the COO, the CFO, and other higher-level financial executives.

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Further, you can create different ad campaigns for users depending on their position. For financial executives, emphasize how your plan is the most cost-efficient for employers and employees alike. Meanwhile, for the heads of HR, you can emphasize your plan's coverage and how it can benefit employees. Depending on what their priorities are, emphasizing cost, coverage, or service to the right person could help secure a deal.

Where Can I Find My Target Audience?

The best social media platform for B2B marketing is LinkedIn. It is the most used platform for Fortune 500 companies and the top paid and organic channel for B2B marketing. Because users on LinkedIn describe their titles and work experience in detail, it will be easy for you to target your ads to the decision makers.

You can run different ad campaigns to the same person to see which one draws their interest. Once they click on your ad, you can learn what topic converted their interest into engagement and then target similar ads to them. Additionally, after they click on your ad, you can then track them and retarget ads to them on other mediums.

Healthcare Providers with Ads marketing

Know What Their Employees Need

Another amazing thing about LinkedIn is that you can go to a company's profile to learn who else works there. Then, you can segment this audience to deduce what types of coverage they would need. A company with a younger and more athletic workforce would require a different plan than a company with middle-aged employees who have spouses and children to consider. Having a better understanding of who works at a company and what their needs are will make your ads more effective.

Segmenting your target audience, in this case, goes beyond understanding the people who will see their ads and who they are. You have to understand the company culture; tapping into that knowledge will give you a competitive edge over other healthcare providers.

The Content in Your Ads

Once you understand the needs of your audience, you can go into designing the ads for them. You will want to focus on the ideas that are the easiest to communicate and that set you apart from other healthcare providers. Going into a long list that details all of the benefits of your plan over your competitors is what your website is for, not your ad. Ads should be engaging and eye-catching so that people want to click on them. This will lead to increased website traffic and sales. If your ads do not immediately capture a user's attention, they are unlikely to visit your website.

As such, you have to decide what makes you unique. Understanding your brand and your mission is key. Although your ad campaigns will vary for different demographics, they must all be unified in their description of your brand. Your branding must stay consistent and true to your mission.

That being said, you should have some diversity in your ads. You can include a combination of photos and videos or client testimonials and cost comparisons. Rather than advertising the same content to the same user over and over again, show them different advertisements to keep their interest peaked.

Healthcare Providers with Ads advertising

How Stiddle Can Help

Understanding exactly how to engage your audience and how to segment your audience can be tricky. That's why Stiddle is here to help. Using our machine learning algorithm, we can create the perfect ad for you and your company. Simply enter your business' name, location, niche, and competitors, and we will design your ad for you. Additionally, we can help you segment your audience without bias. We will automate your campaign for you so that you can allocate your budget to the ads that work. If you do not see results within the first week, we will extend your free trial, no questions asked.


By understanding who you are advertising to and what their needs are, you can create the perfect ads to engage your audience and encourage clients to switch providers, putting your company on the map.

Stiddle - aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected marketing experts.

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