Stop buying blind. Scale your Shopify ROAS with attribution you can trust.

Gain insights into true ROI, make data-driven decisions, and boost your advertising effectiveness with trustworthy attribution.
Easy setup with Shopify
Sync your customer and order data to accurately attribute purchases to the correct ad.
Accurate Attribution and Customer Journeys
Gain a deep understanding of your customers' paths to purchase.
A Single Campaign Manager for All Ad Channels
Simplify your workflow with a central campaign manager.

Stiddle helps Shopify brands scale smarter and faster 🚀⚡

A single source of truth for all your ads means better decisions, faster.

Consolidate your advertising data, gain a holistic view of your campaigns, and optimize your marketing strategy with reliable and comprehensive insights.

Ditch 3rd party tracking and solve inaccurate ads data caused by IOS 14.

Overcome tracking limitations, ensure accurate ad data, and adapt to changes brought on by IOS 14.

Increase ad profits up to 40% on auto-pilot.

Maximize your ad revenue, boost your return on ad spend, and drive profitable campaigns with Stiddle's automated optimization.

Unlock customer visibility like never before with customer journeys.

Dive deep into customer behavior, understand your audience better, and bolster your marketing efforts by unlocking comprehensive customer visibility.

Manage all your ad channels in a single ads manager with accurate data you can trust.

Centralize your ad channel management, access reliable and real-time data, and enhance advertising efficiency with Stiddle's comprehensive ads manager.

Be confident in your data, know exactly who purchased what and from which ad.

Gain granular purchase insights, track sales attribution effectively, and validate ad performance to confidently analyze customer behavior.

Know when to scale ads and when to cut losses.

Optimize ad spend allocation, identify high-performing campaigns, and minimize wasted ad budget by making informed decisions on scaling and cutting.

Build and share live analytics dashboards for easy reporting.

Create custom analytics dashboards, visualize your data in real-time, and simplify your reporting processes for seamless and efficient data analysis.

Invite your team for true collaboration.

Foster team collaboration, share insights and reports, and improve marketing collaboration by inviting your team to work together seamlessly with Stiddle.

Why modern Shopify brands ❤️ Stiddle

With Stiddle
Accurate ROAS, fix IOS14 tracking issues
A single source of data and customer truth
Be confident in your ad data, know exactly who purchased what from which ad
Build analytics dashboards to easily visualize and share your accurate data
Manage all your ad channels in a single ads manager
Identify your customer's journey, see the full picture across multiple channels
Clean, transformed, and organized data automatically
Without Stiddle
Inaccurate ad data, not sure what to scale and what to cut losses on
Don't know who your customers are and where they come from
Endless tabs to manage campaigns in different ads managers
Not sure which marketing channels contribute to sales
Time wasted with manual reporting
Manual work to clean, transform and map data
Setup complicated visualization and BI tools to analyze and take action

A single hub to manage all your Shopify marketing data.

Aggregate & attribute all of your marketing data together.
Understand a complete view of each visitor & customer.
Build & share reports to visualize accurate marketing data.
Build live audiences and take action with actionable insights.

Grow or don’t pay.
Track & scale today!

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