What the heck’s a funnel?

psst. they’re important 😉
In a sentence: “A funnel is a full time sales person & ad guy working 27/7 to bring results."
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A Stiddle funnel


average landing page conversion rate


conversion rate increase when using optimization software


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of marketers have a primary objective of generating leads

A typical funnel

outdated, like a horse drawn carriage
A typical funnel consists of only one of the two necessities
One: Traffic
In any funnel you need to find a way to drive traffic to your landing page. Without traffic, you won’t have any visitors, and with no eye-balls looking at your landing page, you have no chance of making a sale. But driving traffic isn’t enough, this traffic needs to be targeted and relevant to the offer you are selling on your page. Otherwise you’ll have stock brokers visiting your page when you’re selling tractors to farmers.
Two: Conversion
Once you drive traffic, you’ll need an optimized page to inform and convince the visitor to make an educated decision on whether they should buy what ever it is you’re selling. Once you’ve convinced them, you’ll need an easy way to collect their information and allow them to complete the purchase (whether a product or service). This is where typical website’s are flawed because they are not optimized for converting but to inform and often create too many distractions for the visitor to make a purchase decision on the spot.

The outcome?

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A New Sale or Lead!

Sounds good right? But it’s not that easy!

You see.. you need many tools and a lot of time to create an effective funnel

But wait! There’s a better option

to make

More leads, more sales, more money.

more of this

Less time wasted, more time to make money.

less of this
I know what you’re thinking . . .

Well . . . I already have a website.

and yea, okay so does great uncle bill
my super outdated, overly complex and distracting website that get's no conversions
Websites lack sales. It’s simple! To make a website a money making machine, you need to strip the site of all it’s luxuries and keep only the essentials.
A standard website has:
Too many pages
Information overload
Too many call to actions
Too many distractions
These are all bad! I mean.. great for looks but not conversions. So what’s the alternative?

A Stiddle Funnel

The new way
Drive traffic, get visitors, convert leads in one funnel!
One funnel with a three step approach. See our approach.
Test to find your audience
Test to find your audience
Who’s going to see your ad?
Create an ad
Create a landing page
Create an offer to incentivise
Set Retargeting Campaigns
Followup & convert leads to sales
Optimize and scale your campaigns
Landing Page
Auto Email Push
Manual Followup
Camapign #1
Retarget Campaign
Thank you Page
Camapign #3
Camapign #2

How we can help

Stiddle is everything you need to run profitable ad funnels

Drive New Traffic with Ads

The backbone to any funnel is traffic, without traffic your landing page is useless. Stiddle takes the Facebook first approach and allows you to build optimized campaigns.
Run Targeted Campaigns on Facebook & Instagram
Our intuitive platform allows you to create targeted Facebook ads without leaving Stiddle. Create new campaigns with objectives, placements, interests, and detailed targeting.
Create and manage custom and saved audiences
Create custom and saved audiences within Stiddle. Easily upload a list of customers, select a video viewing percentage, or landing page to create an audience to use in future campaigns.
Drive traffic and conversions with Stiddle’s AI audiences
Use Stiddle’s unique AI-powered audiences. Stiddle offers over 50k+ audience recommendations across 3k+ niches. Each audiences consists of detialed targeting, placements, gender, location, and age.
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Capture New Leads

Traffic is important but where is your traffic going? It’s important to drive your traffic to an optimized place. Included in Stiddle is a Page Builder to capture leads.
Create landing pages and forms
Our intuitive platform allows you to create high-performing and captivating landing pages all in one place. Each landing page is setup with event tracking in mind.
Customize templates with drag n’ drop editor
Start your landing page design by using one of our high-converting, tested landing page templates. Easily use the drag n’ drop editor to make it your own without code.
Integrate appointment booking schedulers
A major step for many business is to capture appointments, however many times it’s difficult to re-target people that didn’t complete their appointment and understand the exact cost it took to get a new booking. Stiddle integrates with schedulers you already use.

Retarget to convert

Not everyone converts the first time and we understand that. Easily create re-targeting audiences and campaigns to give your visitors a second chance to convert.
Retarget visitors that didn’t convert the 1st time
Create audiences to retarget warm leads that were close to making a conversions but for whatever reason - did not convert.
Retarget leads that made no purchases but took action
Run re-targeting campaigns to visitors that made it to your landing page but didn’t convert to a lead or purchase. Show them personalized ads to get them to convert.
Retarget contacts from your mailing list
Easily upload a list of contacts you have to create a custom audience. Re-target those in your contact list on Facebook with re-targeting campaigns.
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Nurture Leads into Customers

Stiddle’s lead manager gives you one place to manage, analyze, and followup with leads that you’ve generated from Facebook ads and landing pages.
Manage leads within Leads Manager
Manage your current and incoming leads within Stiddle. Stiddle creates lead profiles for each contact with analytics and timelines to get a birds eye view.
Email leads or add them to retageting camapigns
Followup with your leads via email directly within Stiddle’s lead profile or add your leads to a new customer audience for re-targeting campaigns.
Segment and push leads to your email marketing platform
Export your leads to a CSV file or push them automatically with our email integrations. Set which lists and segments to push your leads to and followup with email.
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Stop Overspending & Scale with Budget Automation

Enable Stiddle’s automated budget allocation feature to put a hard stop to
underperforming campaigns and scale the best performers.
Create custom budget rules for your campaigns
Create custom budget rules based on campaign metrics and Stiddle’s algorithm will pause underperforming campaigns and scale budgets to better performing campaigns.
Automatically deligate adspend to better performers
With Stiddle’s smart budget scale, Stiddle will automatically monitor your campaigns and increase the budgets to better performers.
Stiddle will pause bad performing campaigns automatically
With Stiddle’s algorithm, underperforming campaigns will automatically be paused if they don’t meet expectations to limit overspending on poor performers.

Track Performance &
ROI with Analytics

Make educated data-driven decisions with Stiddle’s analytics. All of your Facebook campaign data, Stiddle landing pages, and lead profiles are easily viewable.
Show only the metrics most important to you
Decide which metrics are most important to your advertising objectives. See all of
your campaign analytics in one dashboard.
Delegate live dashboard access to clients and colleagues
Easily add sub-users and delegate access to your analytics dashboard. Give clients and team members the ability to view analytics live with their own login.
See your overall performance with AI metrics and ratings
Stiddle’s algorithm looks over your campaign performance and provides effectiveness ratings for each of your campaigns using artificial intelligence.

This process helps you . . .

Save Time
Save time with easy setup, automated budgeting & scaling, and concise analytics.
Increase CTR
Increase your click through rate (CTR) with a concise offer and optimized landing page.
Stop Wasted Ad Spend
Enable automated budget rules to allow Stiddle’s algorithm to monitor your ads and make adjustments based on performance.
Test Products & Offers
Test products and offers with different landing page variants and ad copy incentives.
Data-driven decisions
Monitor your campaigns with concise and easy to understand analytics using AI.
Convert more sales
With Stiddle’s optimized landing pages and campaign funnels, easily convert more sales.
& of course ultimately
Make more money!

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